I’m having a better skin month – here’s why (products to try)

September 27, 2018

A few weeks ago, my skin was a mix of teenage acne and woman pigmentation, that had me putting on all the foundation, and then rushing to my reflexologist for help, as I sometimes believe that what’s on the outside is a result of what’s on the inside. She said my gut is not the healthiest, and prescribed probiotics, collagen and l-glutamine, each with a separate function to help.

Right, so that box is getting ticked. Then I asked my dermatologist what retinol she recommends, and she said she would write me a script for Restavryl, which she thinks is the best out there, and costs around R360 (you need a script). Cool, so I can tick off a good anti-ageing product.

I’ve also started microneedling (Dermapen) sessions for my acne – I’ve had three with the Laser Boutique, and the good news is that it’s already showing a difference, and even better news is that it’s not as painful as Fraxel, which I had and loved, but is more expensive, and that pain… I still remember it vividly, three years later. I’ve got three more sessions to go, so hopefully my acne and scarring will lessen further – I’ll write a post about it after.

I’ve also been trying some products, which I’m enjoying and hopefully getting benefit from too:

  1. Vichy Pureté Thermale One Step Facial Cleanser

This cleanser is for those who want to do things in one step, and who don’t feel like doing the cleanse-Micellar water-toner routine. Vichy’s Pureté Thermale One Step Facial Cleanser removes makeup and cleans your skin without having to do anything else to clean your skin.

It’s refreshing, can be used with or without water (I prefer with as it I don’t like that lingering feeling after applying with cotton wool. My skin doesn’t feel tight afterwards, and it feels all clean and ready to receive a slather of moisturiser. It costs around R180 from Clicks, DisChem and other major retailers.

2. La Roche-Posay Pigmentar range

I love this affordable French brand, not because I adore French stuff, but because it’s a hard-working and effective range of products (I love their sunscreen and Lipikar cream).

New to my bathroom shelf is their Pigmentclar range of four products – daily moisturiser, serum, eye serum and cleanser – which are specifically designed for pigmented skins.

Key ingredients in the range include:

  • Niacinamide: a B vitamin that has been shown to improve the overproduction of melanin (skin pigmentation), and thus eliminate dark spotsded P
  • PhE-Resorcinol: a synthetic antioxidant said to brighten the skin
  • Lipo-Hydroxy Acid (LHA) in the cleanser,  which gets rid of dead skin cells, and is antibacterial and anti inflammatory
  • Ferulic acid, a fantastic anti-ageing antioxidant

Based on the decent reviews I’ve read, and the data that La Roche-Posay has on the efficacy of Pigmentclar, I’m hoping that there will be a difference. Nothing is effective without wearing sunscreen every day though, and for me, I don’t think I’d want to go without retinol.

Prices start at around R220 per product. Available from DisChem, Clicks and SkinMiles.


3. New Clere body lotion and crème

Not for face, but for body, Clere body lotion and crème have some additions: limited-edition Argan Butter and Tropical Fruits fragrances, and the new fragrances Vanilla Honey Cream (yummmmmmm) and Powder Fresh. You might notice too that the range has been repackaged.

Clere lotions and crèmes are available at all major retail outlets at a cost of R21.99 and R34.99 respectively.

Feature image: Shutterstock

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