Out with gender nappies, and in with unisex – Huggies launches new nappy

October 3, 2018


Huggies recently announced they were taking their Gold Boys and Girls nappies off shelves, and replacing them with a new unisex variety. I’d been using the girls’ nappies for the last two years, and my daughter hadn’t ever had a rash or a leak in them. I raved about them in 2013 when they launched, and each month bought in bulk from Takealot for convenience.

So, why the change?

Well, Huggies is all about innovation and making sure changes are an improvement to what their loyal consumers already love. While it’s been shown that different genders have different absorption needs, higher up for boys and lower down for girls, they’ve incorporated a new feature that can cater to the needs of both boys and girls in one nappy, with an added benefit of baby’s comfort to top it all off.

The new Huggies Pants and Gold nappies include the addition of “Active Channels” that absorb wetness and distribute it evenly, reducing sagging and decreasing the bulkiness, leading to more comfort for baby. This means that they’ll likely be more comfortable as there’s reduced sagging and more freedom of movement. Huggies calls this Intelligent Fit – as the nappy maintains its shape and fit, even when getting full.

I haven’t done the extensive research on this, and I have my own sample study of one – my just-turned two-year-old. I gingerly swapped from the old pink to the new green nappy, and I was pleasantly surprised that all the features I used to love with Gold, are all still there. One of the new nappies lasted a long day, which started at 4am, to catch a 6.30am flight, which actually took off close to 11am. The first time I changed her was around 3pm that afternoon, and all was good down there.

Things have been going great since, and we’ve had no fuss, mess or leaks. This might sound weird when I consider I’ve probably changed more than 4 000 nappies in my lifetime (I used to work at a creche aaaaages ago when I lived in Israel), but the fact that these nappies are marked with “Back” on the back really help. Before this, I still used to get the front and back mixed up!

One of the things that hasn’t changed is the shape – Huggies Gold nappies are anatomically shaped and still feature the stretchy waistband and fasteners, so that they can easily and snugly be put on. They also still have the Dry Touch liner, to absorb wetness almost instantly.

For those not familiar with Pants, they’re basically like nappies, but without the tabs, and designed to fit like underwear. They’re as absorbent as the other nappies, and have a soft and all-round stretchy breathable waistband. Huggies claims they can keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours (day or night).

Other things we’re not saying goodbye to are the Mickey and Minnie pictures (thank goodness – my toddler loves these). Huggies Gold will now be available in a smaller Value pack, a bigger Jumbo pack and the biggest bag available on the market, the Huggies Gold Giga Bag. Huggies Pants will still be available in the smaller Carry pack, and now in a bigger Jumbo pack as well as a Megabox.

The nappies are on shelf already – look out for the new red packaging. 

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  • Pumla

    The new nappies are not as great as the old nappies. They get full quickly and they don’t absorb like the old nappies. I’m not happy

    November 25, 2018 at 8:17 pm Reply
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