New Listerine Smart Rinse for kids over six

October 4, 2018

You know how dentists say that you should use a mouth rinse to kill germs in places that the toothbrush doesn’t reach? And that mouth wash reduces the chance of getting cavities?

Well, the same applies for kids, but it’s not all that pleasant for them to use burny-tasting “adult” mouth rinse, many of which contain alcohol and sugar. Now, it’s not like kids don’t consume sugar, and it’s not like they’re going to be swallowing cups of alcohol in their mouth wash, but I guess a parent still wants as “pure” a product as possible, especially before bedtime.

For me/my son though, it’s mostly been a taste issue up until now, and the fact that we haven’t been able to find a rinse that doesn’t make him gag. Enter Listerine’s new Smart Rinse for kids, in Berry and Mild Mint variants, and my son is gargling happily, without squirming, and without the need for any motivating (some might call it gentle bribery).

Listerine’s rinse has been shown to protect children’s teeth against cavities, plus its fluoride strengthens teeth, more than just brushing alone. And considering kids don’t always brush properly and are exposed to a fair amount of sugar, a mouthwash really is that necessary extra step.

The mouth rinse process is much like it is for adults… here’s a refresher in case.

  1. After brushing, in the morning and at night, pour 10ml of Smart Rinse into the cap – no need to mix with water.
  1. Put the rinse in your mouth, and swish for about 60 seconds, being careful not to swallow
  1. When you’re finished, spit out the liquid in the sink.
  2. Try not to eat and drink for at least half an hour after rinsing. This is because fluoride ions take time to sink into tooth enamel, and by eating or drinking before then, this might get washed off.

It’s available at Dischem and Clicks, from R39.99 for the 250ml bottle, and R59.99 for the 500ml bottle.

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