Finally – takeaway coffee cups that are recyclable

October 19, 2018

Everyone is in a tizz about plastic straws, and I think it’s brilliant that more people are doing their bit to be kinder to the environment (I do hope that those who are vocal about plastic straws are active in getting their own plastic, glass and paper recycled).

I suspect that takeaway coffee cups could come under fire soon. While they are comprised of 95% board from renewal sources, paper cups are lined with a thin coating of polytheylene, which renders them unrecyclable, and so they go to the general landfill.

But there are other options, such as taking your own travel mugs to your regular coffee spot – I’ve never been to any coffee shop that hasn’t accepted my travel mugs, even when branded with “Starbucks”. There’s also another option to support cups such as these from Detpak, who have made a line of recyclable cups.

These cups are fully recyclable through Mpact in Springs, who recently developed a liquid packaging plant, which is able to extract the poly from the paper, leaving the paper to be recycled and the poly reused for other products that use this material such as bins and park benches.

To support these cups and recycling, you can order your own through Detpak, or you can choose to buy coffee from outlets that serve drinks in them.

For more information, go to Detpak, email them at or call 011 077 0800.


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