Meet The Laser Beautique’s incredible “mompreneur”

October 25, 2018

Do you ever meet a woman in business and you’re like “Wow, I wish I was a bit like her?”. This is what I thought when I met Tzvia Hermann, the founder of The Laser Beautique (TLB), a chain of aesthetic clinics that offer minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and grooming and beauty treatments for women and men. I’ve been going there for microneedling/Dermapen sessions, but I’ll chat about those another time.

Tzvia is a mom of two, and is gorgeous, dynamic, smart and inspirational, and I really wanted to find out more about her – for my own sake, and yours! Here Tzvia answers my questions:

How did you start TLB, and what motivated you?

I grew up in my mom’s beauty salon. Before I matriculated I could perform a mani, pedi, facial and wax. I spent most my afternoons in my mom’s salon. I become an expert in laser hair removal by experience. I have personally tried every laser and IPL device in South Africa as well as Europe and even NYC. I lived in the UK for about 10 years and in those 10 years I travelled a lot. I had laser treatments in every country I visited to see if I could find a treatment that worked well.

I eventually found a great device and when I moved back to South Africa, decided to open a laser clinic, from my mother’s house. Neil, my boyfriend at the time, now husband, invested in my business after seeing my business plan. After a few months of working from my mothers house we moved into Morningside Shopping Centre and we became very popular, very quickly. Our clients loved the fact that we were bluntly honest and told them if we could or could not get them the results they wanted to achieve. Honesty is always the best policy and it is the policy at The Laser Beautique!

You’re a mom… how old are your kids?

My little princesss Shyla is 6 and Dayne is 5. My furry kids, Nonu is 10 and Layla is 7.

How many branches do you own, and how many are franchised?

There are 11 and we own five.

What kind of treatments do you offer? 

We used to offer many more treatment but we are slowly trimming down and only offering what we find works and works well! We are all about results. There is nothing worse than a paying clients saying they not satisfied. I can have a sleepless night. Our clients spend their hard earned money with us. I remember when I could hardly afford laser and I spend every pound I saved to have the treatments.

Our core treatments are for hair removal and skin so we offer laser hair removal, electrolysis, threading and waxing, anti-ageing/technology facials, body and facial contouring, skin tightening and thermocoagualtion for skin imperfections and some of our larger stores offer hands and feet treatments.


What would you like people to know about laser treatments, and particular electrolysis (which is unlike the electrolysis of the past)?

Don’t be fooled by gimmicks. There are a lot of cheap nasty laser devices out there. Make sure you go to a reputable laser clinic that is results driven. For the best results one needs:

  1. The very best technology
  2. Training on tap so that every therapist, new and old, is constantly trained and assessed
  3. Result-driven environment where therapists are monitored and technology is always upgraded

When it comes to laser hair removal, laser only works on pigments hair or dark hair. Laser is not effective on blonde, ginger, grey or white hair. Only electrolysis is successful. Traditional electrolysis is excruciatingly painful and caused scaring. We have brought into South Africa a new revolutionary electrolysis device from Canada called the Apilus.

This new electrolysis device allows for exceptionally comfortable and speedy treatments. It’s FDA approved and is now available at TLB.

What are the most popular treatments at TLB?

By far our technology facials are the very best. Once anyone comes in for a technology facial, they come for more. It is  branch dependent, for example manis and pedis pump at our Fairmount branch while body contouring does well at Menlyn Maine.

Our Rosebank branch get a ridiculous amount of clients in for botox and filler where our seapoint branch are really busy with laser hair removal. Our Melrose branch get the most clients for permanent makeup and our Bedfordview and Bryanston branches have the most electrolysis clients.

When it comes to hair removal and anti-ageing treatments, all the branches are really good as they offer the same treatments. I do believe our new Coolifting facial is going to be big. It’s like real live Photoshop. It literally irons out fine lines and wrinkles in minutes. It’s not sore at all and it only takes a few minutes. It’s a dream come true.

Are men coming into TLB, and for what treatments?

Our male client base increases monthly. More and more men are making grooming a priority. And so they should. Men also need to put in time and effort to make themselves attractive to woman. Men are coming in for facials, manly mani’s, anti-ageing treatments and most popular is laser hair removal. No man should sport a hairy back, fingers, toes, ears or nose.

Many men, especially cyclists, like to laser their legs. They can’t be bothered to shave. Believe it or not, it’s becoming trendy for men to have Hollywood waxes. I love this. If woman should groom down under so should men! Real men groom 😊

Why should women who are concerned about the signs of ageing, or want to prevent the signs of ageing come to TLB? What treatments are best for them?

It’s important to note that your skin is a powerful protective barrier. The skin protects everything on the inside and therefore prevents the permeation of any external foreign elements, and limits the effectiveness of traditional topical lotions and serums.

To effectively correct, defy and slow the ageing process, we have tried, tested and sourced the best non-surgical aesthetic expertise, finest cosmeceuticals and cutting-edge technologies. A combination of these elements ensures a holistic approach to achieve desired results safely with minimal disruption to everyday life.

We don’t believe in regular, old-fashioned facials. If you’re using over-the-counter products, not a cosmeceutical, it’s a pure pamper product and cant be compared to a results-driven technology facial. If you’re using a good cosmeceutical product, you would not need to steam and extract, which is what’s done during a typical facial.

We advise that one shouldn’t  just have a facial but rather a results-driven technology facial and discover the wonders of today’s technological advancement!

 What is your beauty routine?

I have Gelish mani every two to three weeks, and a Gelish pedi once a month. I have a monthly technology facial, whether it’s a peel, near infrared, radio frequency, microneedling treatment, radio frequency pixel, or our latest and greatest Coolifting facial.

I also use homecare products such as cleanser, day/night cream and eye serum. I’m currently testing our own brand, BeauCeuticals, but I always swop and change between RegimA, Nimue and BeauCeuticals as it’s always good to shock your skin with something new, otherwise it gets used to what you applying.

 What is the one treatment you think every woman should have? 

That’s a very difficult question. Can I narrow it down to two? Definitely Permanent Hair Removal (TLB Pain FREE Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis Reinvented) – it’s a life changer! Can you imagine not having to wax, pluck or shave?

The second MUST HAVE is regular technology facials. I recommend one three to four weeks apart, and keep alternating different technologies for best as each tech facial will penetrate different layers of the skin.

If you keep changing it up, you’ll eventually treat most the layers regularly. This is the best anti-ageing recipe.


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