Being savvier with my time is my main goal this year

January 10, 2019


Those who are familiar with me and my blog know that sometimes I’ll “cut corners” if it means I can spend more time meeting deadlines, or with my family, or even running. This means that sometimes a boxed cake will work, or frozen veggies instead of fresh, or takeout food. I make no apologies, my family doesn’t seem to mind eating cereal for dinner occasionally, and while I enjoy cooking and baking, especially the latter, I’m happy to substitute hours in the kitchen for hours elsewhere.

So what’s a gal to do when having people over, or feeding the family, or coming home late from French class and hungry? Head to the Uber Eats app, of course! The hardest part of this whole process is choosing between sushi, curry, salads or pizza, but we’ve often chosen from multiple places in one order because everyone feels like something different.

With Rebecca, a new’ish born two years ago, Uber Eats was a sanity saver and fuelled us when we didn’t have the capacity or inclination to cook. My friend Sarah, due next month, said that the greatest gift anyone can give her when her baby is born, is supper during the first few weeks, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do – order her and her fam a dinner or two on Uber Eats. You could also purchase gift vouchers, as if it wasn’t easy enough!

At times, in my house, there’s nothing very exciting in the fridge or freezer, so I’ll order pizza or sushi for my son while I’m at work. The bonus is that often there are enough leftovers to pack for school lunch the next day – bonus!

And for the occasional games nights hosted by me, I’m happy to supply the dessert and we all order from Uber Eats just to make things simple.

It’s quick, it’s easy and depending on where you live or work, you’ll probably have plenty of options. Our regular hot spots are Shahi Khana (they have brilliant curries), JBs Corner and Momo &O for poke and one of my fave dishes, Bangkok (basic tofu with mint, chilli, oyster sauce, red pepper, ramen egg, Asian slaw).

My resolution this year? Use my time even smarter, and carry on spending time on the things I love and “need” to do.

Images via Uber Eats

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  • The Saltbox ZA

    We couldn’t agree more – time is the most valuable thing for 2019! And making sure you cut down on distractions and use it for things that are meaningful is a good enough resolution to make.
    We loved your thoughts on how to be more time savvy and wish you good luck 🙂 The Saltbox

    January 14, 2019 at 2:04 am Reply
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