No one is saying you “need” to be a vegetarian, but if you’d like to eat less meat, here’s the best advice

January 28, 2019

Last week I chatted about Meat Free Monday and getting started, as well as my vegetarianism (part ethical, and part a desire to reduce my carbon footprint. Plus, I get to eat more hummus, tofu and veggie burgers, my besties!

If you’re looking to make a switch to plant-based part time or fulltime this year for health, environment or ethical issues, the good people at Fry’s have some tips.

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Start small
You don’t need to go cold turkey (excuse the pun in this vegetarian post).

While some may be able to switch to a wholly plant-based overnight, for others it’s the start of a journey – just keep your end destination in mind. Try cutting out different food types one by one, or make a promise to yourself to have one veggie day a week, like a Meat Free Monday.

You don’t need to feel deprived
Many meat-eaters have a preconception that vegans are restricted to a life of salad and uninspiring bowls of vegetables, when that’s simply not the case. Opting for a plant based diet does not mean you need to sacrifice the things you loved before. From burgers and sausages, ice cream and pies – there are some brilliant alternatives on the market.

Plan ahead
The key to really enjoying a plant based lifestyle is to plan your meals ahead of time. Not only will you need to factor in extra time at the supermarket for reading all the labels, but you’ll want to ensure every meal is delicious so you’re not panic buying frozen chips in the petrol station.

We know however, that real-life sometimes gets in the way, which is why convenient, tasty grab-and-go plant-based products are an important addition to your shopping list. They are essential for busy lifestyles.

Join the conversation
There is a huge vegan and vegetarian community online offering support, tips and recipe ideas, so you’re never too far away from a like-minded individual sharing their plant based experience.

Be healthy
Veganism and vegetarianism don’t always equal healthy, so it’s important to make sure you’re eating a varied diet to incorporate all the vitamins and nutrients you need to thrive. There is plenty of advice online about which foods provide the best sources of energy.

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Remember why you decided to go plant-based
It’s likely you’ve found going plant-based much easier than you expected, however there may come a time, whether it’s a week, a month, or a year into your new lifestyle where you could hit a wall. If this happens, just remind yourself why you made the decision in the first place and the benefits you’ve felt since making the choice.

My advice here is that if you feel like that burger, it’s okay. You won’t be punished, and there’s no reason to feel bad. No one is saying you need to stick to a vegetarian plan ALL the time.

Get creative
Veg-based meals can be delish, so now’s a good chance to try new foods and experiment with ingredients. There are thousands of recipes online with inspiration and ideas to help you get cooking amazing new dishes and interesting variations of your old favourites.

One of my favourite veggie sites is Deliciously Ella – the foodie Ella is amazing, and is becoming a face/celeb of vegetarian eating.

Here are some really easy things I created with Fry’s Foods:

Chicken-style schnitzel sandwich

Berry smoothie with Kasha high protein instant cereal

Penne arrabiata with chicken-style strips

Simple chicken-style nuggets for my toddler

Burger-style burger

For more information about The Fry Family Food Co. please visit or Meat Free Mondays, please go to

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