Healthy takeout foods to keep your 2019 resolutions in check

January 29, 2019


When I order out, some of my orders are never simple, and my pizza choice, in particular, is one that I have to repeat on the phone two or three times. This is because I usually order Banting pizza, BUT without the cheese. So I’m basically ordering a vegetable with some tomato sauce, and usually topped with cottage cheese at home.

I much prefer giving my oft-complicated orders to an app like Uber Eats – it’s easier to write it all down (eg no avo, no dressing, balsamic vinegar only, vegetarian-only yoghurt (most of it contains bovine) etc etc. You get the gist, right?

And lest you think that takeaway food is unhealthy, it will be useful to know that depending on where you are, there are some healthy options – and for vegetarians too. I often order great and healthy salads (without the dreaded avo, obviously), edamame beans and sushi (without all the mayo), and tofu dishes from JBs. There’s also Kauai for smoothies, protein dishes, and wraps, and for the chicken eaters, grilled Nando’s, and Ocean Basket for some grilled kingklip and rice/veggies.

Kauai food image via Uber Eats

Okay, you get the drill – you can order healthy food, and if the kids are feeling like more of a “treat”, there are the favourite and other local fast-food restaurants with fried chicken, burgers, chips and shakes.

Aside from so many options, and the comfort and ease of ordering food from your app and getting your meals delivered, UberEats also has the following benefits:

  • Personalised recommendations

Uber Eats uses machine learning to help surface recommendations such as popular options in the surrounding area based on past orders, 30-minute delivery options, and details like time of day and delivery location.

  • Filter for the right food

The app allows users to select meal options that suit their lifestyle, so I’d be hooked up with vegetarian options, for example. App users can also look up restaurants according to specific criteria like speed, price, dish information and average prep time.

  • Restaurant rating

Check the rating of the restaurants you’re planning to order from.

  • Customise the drop-off location

You can specify exactly where you want your food delivered, such as a meeting room at work.

  • Schedule orders

You can make orders up to an hour before your desired delivery time, and as far as a week out.

  • Order tracking

You can see where your order is by following it on the app.

PS: If you work or live in the Sandton area, you MUST order from Lexi’s Eatery, the hottest new eatery in the ‘hood with THE most amazing smoothies, breakfasts (served all day), wraps and hot meals. They’re a vegetarian restaurant, but I’m yet to find a meat-eater who ate at Lexi’s and wasn’t keen to return.

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