Rebounding – the new “it” exercise you can do at home

February 21, 2019

A few months ago I saw a tweet from Kate Kearney about how she’d done an intense rebounder (mini trampoline) workout using wellness and fitness expert Lisa Raleigh’s rebounder programme. I was intrigued and wanted to find out more since I’m a little unmotivated at the moment, plus the fact that I can rebound at home is a big time-saver.

Well, it turns out that rebounding is a huge trend at the moment, and that there are even rebounding classes. I’m not sure where I’ve been that I didn’t know this… maybe still in the era of Jane Fonda’s leotard and legwarmer-clad aerobics classes?

Anyway, the research sounded very positive, and, keen to try something new, I bought a rebounder online, in order to get closer to a better summer body. A rebounder on the site costs around R2 250, and while you’ll find a cheaper one at the large sports outlets, apparently they’re not all equal. This one promises a firm and buoyant bounce, high-quality and strong mats, and large galvanised wide-belly springs for a smoother bounce. What this essentially means is a safer and more effective body workout.

A rebounder workout isn’t just about jumping up and down, and it was surprising to learn how much could be done on it, and with it. It can provide a total body workout, and if you’re wondering how one could possibly work one’s abs or arms on a rebounder, it’s all possible. Have a quick look here to see an overview of it, and the workout.

You can get all of Lisa’s rebounder workouts too with most of the rebounder packages, and you can choose from workouts between five minutes and 45 minutes, catering for every time-strapped person out there.

My first workout was 20 minutes, and while I’m not superfit at the moment, I’m not terribly unfit either, but the following day my glutes and hamstrings were sore, which I took as a good sign. A few days later, I improvised and did my own thing while watching a whole episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and even though I didn’t work out as hard as I might have with Lisa’s video, I still built up a sweat, my heart rate increased, and I got to catch up on one of my favourite series.

The rebounder is fairly easy to fold up, so you can store it under the bed for example if space is an issue. You can buy a rebounder package that comes with a carrybag, and while it looks easy to carry in the pictures, it’s not light. Though maybe after several sessions improving your strength, it will be.

According to Lisa, rebounding has the below benefits (I did a bit of research online, and a lot of studies corroborate these benefits).,

  • Engaging your core muscles: When jumping on a rebounder, your abdominal muscles are constantly engaged in order to maintain balance, stabilise yourself and control the height of your jump. Your core muscles include all the muscles from your abdominal area through to your pelvis.
  • Improved function of the joints, tendons and ligaments: The strengthening of these particulars reduces their susceptibility to disease, and can reduce the pain of existing arthritis and other ailments.
  • Improved balance, coordination and posture: A rebounder is an unstable surface, so your balance and coordination is constantly challenged and improved. Through this constant stabilising, your posture will also improve.
  • Improvement in motor skills: Unlike many other tasks, jumping on a rebounder requires your brain to use both the left and right side together in order to successfully maintain your balance. The effort of using both halves strengthens and improves your motor skills
  • Effective lymph drainage: Rebounding is the most effective and efficient way to boost your lymphatic system (similar to having a full body massage by a group of masseurs). In just two minutes the entire lymphatic system is flushed, and white blood cell count nearly triples, providing a greater defence system to destroy cancer cells.
  • Circulation boost – We all know we need to exercise to improve circulation, and rebounding has a unique benefit of being one of the most effortless ways to do so, while also being one of the most effective.
  • It’s anti-ageing! Rebounding doesn’t have the jarring impact as you hit the ground as running and jogging does, where skin is sharply jerked towards the ground. The low impact, unstable movement of the rebounder causes the skin and muscles to tauten – without any sharp gravitational pull.

For more information and to shop, head to Lisa’s website. There are various rebounder packages, so you can choose the one that suits you best. I got the rebounder and memory stick with workouts, as I have an exercise ball and weights that come with another package, plus I knew I’d be a bit lost without Lisa’s workouts.

For more information on rebounding, go here.

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