How to sleep like a baby (almost)

May 29, 2019

I feel that as parents, especially if your kids are younger, our sleep quantity and quality are compromised. And you obviously don’t need me to tell you this.

But, aside from kids, there are other things that could be impeding the quality and quantity of your shut eye, and compromising your health. Have a look at what you might be “guilty” of, and see if you can make any changes. I know what I would change – no tech and laptop just before bed, and establishing more of a sleeptime and wake-up routine.

  1. EIf you eat right before bed, it can sometimes make it harder to sleep because the acid in your stomach can make its way up your throat and can also make you feel uncomfortably full.

2. The environment in which you sleep is also a factor – ideally your bedroom should only be for sleeping. A cluttered or messy room hinders your sleep, as does a bright or hot room.

Try to make sure your room as organised and tidy as possible. Your room should be an ambient temperature which makes your bed warmer and cosier which in turn encourages sleep. Bright lights also stimulate your brain too much so you should always try for dim lighting.

The same goes for devices and gadgets – using your smartphone in bed or watching TV before you go to sleep makes it harder to switch off your mind, especially since the light that emits from them can “trick” your body into thinking that it’s daytime.

3. Try implementing a nighttime ritual, for example taking a bath, or meditating, encourages relaxation. Having a routine sends a signal to your body to tell it that rest is nigh. It’s also been shown to help those with insomnia as it’s easier to fall asleep when the mind is more “still”.

4. Don’t bank on the concept of “catching up on sleep”as it doesn’t work. Rather be consistent and get around 7/8 hours of sleep a night, with similar bedtimes and wake-up times.

5. Consider your sleep position. Some specialists say that sleeping on your stomach is not good for your spine as it puts pressure on it. If you insist on sleeping on your stomach it may be worth buying a mattress for stomach sleepers, one that is designed to take the pressure off of your spine.


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