Things even your kids can do to help the environment

June 13, 2019

What are you encouraging your kids to do to help the environment, or minimise the damage we’re doing? It’s all very well calling on restaurants and shops to ban plastic, but what are we doing? In my house, we tick some of the good boxes: we recycle everything, we use LED lights, we grow some veggies and fruit (though we’re not at all relying on them to make up our salads), and trying to use less and less cleaning products with chemicals (which can be harmful to our health and environmet.

I’ve compiled some ideas for your kids that I think are doable. Even starting small is making a big difference.

  1. Recycle

Paper, plastics, cans and glass are all recyclable and you can set up three bins – one for paper/cardboard, one for recyclables (plastic, cans, glass etc) and one for non-recyclable waste. Kids can have fun sorting out, and even have a competition with you or other siblings to see who can collect the most.

(PS: If you’re not sure where to start recycling, then find out where you can take your recyclables – look at Pikitup, the Paper Recycling Company, National Recycling Forum, Collect a Can and Glass Recycling Company for places near you, as well as shopping centres and schools. Alternatively, investigate signing up for the services of a recycling collection service. There are many companies across the country that, for a small fee, will collect your recyclables from your home on a weekly basis.

  • Use LED lightbulbs

LED lightbulbs are 85% more energy efficient than
regular bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer than regular bulbs.

  • Cut out plastic

Encourage your kids (and lead by example) to not use single-use plastic such as straws, plastic wrap and plastic bags. Rather use plastic you can recycle, or more sustainable products.

  • Switch off lights and plugs

Teach your kids to switch off lights and plugs when not in use – you can save money on bills, and they can conserve energy.

  • Compost
    your food

If you have leftover food or food past its sell-by date,
compost it instead of throwing it away. This will not only create a natural
fertiliser for your garden, but it will also reduce the amount of waste going
to landfill.

  • Grow
    your own veggies, fruit and herbs

Kids will love the thrill of growing and eating their own produce. They can also plant a tree now, for the future.

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