One less thing to worry about – interesting snacks for you and the kids

June 21, 2019

I’m not the most creative when it comes to packed snacks for the kids. I rotate about six things – Flings, Oreos, chocolate, dried mango, Kiddylicious (for Rebecca) and biltong. I don’t eat most of it and even I’m a tad bored by it.

Between my son’s growing appetite and a need for some change, the timing was perfect to be introduced Tastly, a snack pack service for older kids, younger kids and adults. Each box has 20 snack packs, each containing 3-5 snacks and an optional beverage.

These packs are not just for school lunches – they’re cool for work, meetings, travel (I can never go on a roadtrip without lots of snacks. Just in case) and even school parties or work meetings. And let’s not forget interesting snacks for when kids are on holiday at home.

This is not the first snack pack service around, but there are some things that make Tastly cooler than cool. Jason Van Staden, head of Tastly, explains more about his business.

The cool factors:

  • We curate a snack menu for the entire month. We focus on variety, taste and a well-balanced menu.
  • We pack our snacks easily identifiable and labelled Tastlys bags. 
  • We include unique snacks (not easily found in major stores), quality, customisation options (Build a box) and our VIP snack club.

-We’re able to cater for allergies to a certain extent. For instance, we are happy to replace items such as peanuts or nuts. However, for more complex allergies and tastes we recommend you make use of our build a box “customisation” feature, so that you can choose exactly what snacks you want – you can omit things you don’t like, or are trying to stay clear of.

-We try our best to keep the snack pack contents as healthy as possible without compromising taste. There is no value in our service if your kids are not eating our snacks because they are not tasty, we try aim for balanced rather than extremely healthy. So we aim to make sure each snack pack follows this guideline:

  • 1x carbohydrate (eg rice cakes, popcorn, biscuits)
  • 1x fruit snack (eg fruit flakes, dried fruit, fruit chews)
  • 1x protein snack bar (eg biltong, mixed nuts, cereal bar)
  • 1x beverage (eg water or juice)

On Friday you get a non-healthy treat like a chocolate or sweet.

There are two product options – once-off purchase, or a subscription, containing the “VIP” snack club products. With the subscription, you’ll get a snack box every month, and instant bonuses such as 10% off your snack box, and 50% off shipping. You’ll also get monthly benefits that could include box upgrades, snack bonuses, freebies, exclusive discounts, free snack gift boxes on your birthday and Christmas.

If you part of the VIP snack club you instantly get up to 10% off your snack box and 50% off shipping.

Would I order and pay for this service? For sure, but I would choose the build option that would work for our preferences (for example no biltong for me, and no bottled water – we tend to fill up glass bottles). I order groceries and toiletries online each month, and this would take another hassle off my back, plus I can order while watching series!

The bags were also lovely “surprises” – we never knew what we were getting, and each day felt like opening a gift. My kids were super excited getting new treats and fillers, and you know what they say? Happy kids = happy mom.

For more information, head to Tastlys.

Disclosure: I received a box of snacks to try and write about if I wanted to

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