What is there to say about a floor cleaner? Well, quite a bit actually

July 12, 2019

If you have a toddler (I do), pets (two dogs and a cat) and are quite clumsy and often spilling things (me), then you probably need to clean your floor a lot! We have to mop floors at least twice a day, and I swiftly use up wet wipes to clean up messes (usually spilt coffee in my case). None of our rooms are carpeted, though we do have some rugs.

Anyway, you might have seen in the past that I like shortcuts and ease – from boxed cupcakes to dual-function makeup products, to online grocery shopping. So when Karcher offered to send over their FC 5 floor cleaner, we were quite excited, as it does the job of a vacuum and a mop, in one step.

So whether you’ve got dog hair on the kitchen floor, or spilt milk, or bread crumbs, a quick wipe/motion with the FC 5 and it’s all sucked up.

Very simply put, the FC 5 cleans the floor with clean rollers and fresh water. The dirty vacuumed liquid is drawn into a separate tank, which can be emptied after cleaning. There’s no need to make contact with the water, or squeeze out the rollers, or have the admin and often grossness of a mop.

I haven’t tested this out, but Karcher says that a tank of 400ml of water (that’s less than 2 cups) can clean a surface area of up to 60 m² so you’re using way less water than if you’re mopping from a bucket.

It’s gentle on all hard floors – my wooden floors looked great after cleaning.
The device comes in yellow (with one set of rollers) and white (premium, with an extra pair of rollers). It costs around R3499, and is available from the likes of Takealot and Builder’s Warehouse.

If I was looking for a hardcore hard floor cleaner, it would it tick all the boxes of what I needed. The device is effective, and easy to put together and use. Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely. And will I or my domestic worker use it again? Absolutely yes (in fact, my domestic worker is now using it daily, and I’m using it on weekends).

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