How to handle being sick when you’re a mom

July 30, 2019


You know what’s often worse than getting sick? It’s getting sick when you have kids to look after, and you can’t always just “be sick” and recuperate when there are tantrums to be tended, snacks to be made, and little people to be entertained.

This cartoon sums it all up, right?

With every healthy winter day, I honestly give thanks to the cold and flu germs for staying the heck away. I’m washing my hands sufficiently, taking my vitamin C and at the tiniest inkling of a scratchy throat, I dose up on some of the Linctagon family – nasal spray and effervescent tablets, which fight the first signs of colds and flu. I also try to get more than my usual 6.5 hours of sleep a night, and also take a hot bath.

But if you don’t manage to dodge illness this winter or any season, I gathered some tips that have worked for me in the past, and some other moms’ who have successfully parented horizontally while being dosed up.

Tell the family what’s up

If your kids are old enough to understand, then tell them that mom isn’t feeling fantastic, and that she needs some time to recover and recuperate. Try to set the boundaries sooner than later. They might rely on you less, and give you some leeway. If you have a partner who could be involved more, tell them exactly what you need so that you’re all on the same page.

Ask for help, in whatever form

Whether it’s getting a babysitter, asking your nanny to help out more, or checking your child into aftercare so that you can get a bit more rest. This is not the time to be martyr, so try to bed down, and order pizza if you must.

Let go of some of the parenting rules

Kids not bathed? Ice cream for supper? It’s okay. Focus on what matters – your health and getting better. You don’t need to be perfect, and your kids will survive a bit of dirt and sugar.

Mobilise the entertainment

Screentime is less of an issue than your “me time”. If episodes of Peppa Pig or games of Minecraft allow you to have some downtime, then it’s okay for those screens to be up and running.

Try to really look after yourself

Take the pills, and try to take the time to get fully better. Sleep as much as you can – your body likely needs rest.

For future reference, try to listen to your body. The earlier you nip sickness in the bud, the better. Sometimes you can curb sickness by going to the doctor immediately, or just getting more sleep, fluids, healthy food, and some extra supplements.

The Linctagon range contains Pelargonium sidoides, a medicinal plant native to South Africa. Research has shown that Pelargonium shortens the duration of an infection, and reduces the severity of one. It is effective for treating upper and lower respiratory infections

 You can find out more about Linctagon on their website, or Facebook page.

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