Have you seen the first ever South African Barbie role model?

August 16, 2019

As you probably know, Barbie celebrated her 60th birthday this year, and you’ve likely also noticed that the Barbie of today is very different to the Barbie of my day. Thin blonde, white Barbie is not all you can find on shelves. There are now physically and racially diverse dolls (the Barbie with the big hips and thighs tends to speak to me).

There are 16 career dolls available including everything from a nurse to a scientist, a chef, or a tennis player. Barbie is the most diverse doll line on the market with more than 100 new looks that have been introduced over the last five years alone.

Last week Barbie announced that it is honouring its first African role model Lerato Molapo popularly known as Lira, for “breaking boundaries for the next generation of girls”.

They gave her a one-of-kind doll, which apparently is the highest honour from the Barbie brand. I honestly would have loved my own Lira doll, but I’m not complaining about what this means for us, for her, and for the brand.

What are your thoughts? What type of Barbie would you like to see next?

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