Want to eat more plant-based food?

September 20, 2019

A few months ago, i got wind that The Fry Family Food Co. was launching a new veg “artisan” sausages, and pizzas, and I’ve been waiting keenly to add them to my vegetarian repertoire.

There are two delicious products in the new range – the Wood Smoked Breakfast Bangers (smoked to perfection and seasoned with Fry’s spice blend) and the Artisan Mediterranean Sausages (seasoned with sweet rosemary, garlic and green olives). The pizzas come in two varieties – Smoky BBQ and Mediterranean, and they’re a really delish and convenient frozen pizza option.

They’re both on shelves, and it’s good timing for the sausages as it’s Heart Awareness Month, and perhaps a chance to think about one’s heart health and consider mixing in some friendlier options into one’s diet.

This is not meant to make you put down that boerie roll, especially with Heritage/Braai Day coming up a staggering 225 South Africans die of heart disease every day. Heart disease is also seen as the 2nd most common cause of death in South Africa, with one in five South Africans dying of heart disease, this despite research that shows that 80% of heart-related deaths are preventable.

According to Fry’s, one of the most powerful ways to lower your risk of heart disease is to change your lifestyle – including what you eat. Plant-based eating has been proven as a radically effective way to improve heart health. In fact, stats show us that the risk of dying from heart disease is 24% lower in vegetarians than those who eat meat.

No one is saying you MUST be a vegetarian, but you can mix it up a bit, or opt for meat-free Mondays. There are ideas and recipes on the Fry’s website, and there’s a new sausage cookbook ‘Fry’s with a bang’ which you can download here for free.

The recommended retail price for the sausages is R37.99, and R89,99 for the pizza.

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