Have a look at these beautiful pics of a boy and his favourite doll

October 2, 2019

When Jynsen Fitz asked his mom Ashley, a photographer in Indiana, to take some pics of him and his baby doll, Three, she did so happily, and the pictures are just beautiful. She shared the pics on Facebook, and they went viral, with a mostly positive response.

Here’s what she wrote on Facebook when she posted the pics:

“This evening as I was editing, my youngest son informed me that his baby girl, named “three”, has not had her pictures taken. I warned him that “three” was slightly too old to get all of the curly newborn poses. He wanted to give it a go anyway. Little booger was wide awake the ENTIRE time 🙄 But, I still managed to get some super cute shots!”.

Ashley’s husband is in the military, and when he was deployed, she took her boys to Walmart to get a present. Jynsen chose a baby doll, and picked out a pram and bottles for her too.

She told Popsugar: “There is nothing wrong with him playing with a doll, and one day he will make a very caring and nurturing person — and maybe one day a dad if that is what he chooses to become, but I will leave that up to him.”

“It was important for me to share it from my own perspective to show others that it’s OK to play with different types of toys. Toys do not have genders. Girls should be allowed to play with trucks and get muddy, while boys should be allowed to play with kitchen sets and dolls, if they choose. I hate that a lot of people have standards on what is the ‘normal.’ Playing with a doll will only make my son more caring and affectionate.”

Here’s what she posted on Facebook:

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