Here it is… Barbie’s latest addition

October 10, 2019

Just two weeks ago Mattel released a gender-neutral line of Barbie dolls called “Creatable World”. This week, they announced that is Career of the Year doll is a judge, after learning that only 33% of sitting US state judges are women.

Judge Barbie is available in a range of different skin tones and hairstyles, with a customary black robe and a lacy collar. Each one also comes with a gavel and round block “that kids can use to help her call the room to order and make important decisions,” Mattel said.

The doll is available in the US at Walmart and Target, and on Amazon, for $12.99. It does ship to South Africa, and costs around R380, which includes the shipping fee of R177.

Barbie has also partnered with GoFundMe to raise funds to help “close the dream gap”, and support non-profit organisations that support female empowerment.

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