Clean and confidence tips for moms

October 25, 2019


Let’s be honest – motherhood is sometimes a dirty job, and a. little undignified at times. There are nappy leaks, there are sick snotty kids, and there’s weeks-old gunk to clean from infant chairs.

And let’s remember the personal hygiene stuff – leaking boobs when breastfeeding, and the occasional pee when you laugh. There’s the sweat when you’re under a bit of stress (in my case it was when taking them for vaccines), and the run of mascara when you’re getting emotional about something (usually a daily thing in my life).

Sorry to get gross here, but as a runner, there’s even more of a loss of dignity – there’s sweat everywhere, and one doesn’t often feel fresh and dandy.

To save face, literally, as a mom and runner, I have some hygiene helpers for when I need a quick freshening up:

  • Whether in my handbag or running pouch, I carry Baby Soft® Moist Toilet Tissues to help me feel more confident. They’re lightly moistened, and soothing on the skin, and are brilliant for cleaning my hands and face, or any other bits that need freshening up. Hint: these Toilet Tissues are also great for cleaning up mascara that has run.
  • While not directly contributing to my hygiene, a spritz of perfume always makes me a feel a bit more human. I carry samples on my handbag and when I run – I may not look my best, but I can still smell good.
  • A facial mist spray also helps me feel like a new person – it’s refreshing and cooling, and can take me from feeling drab to fab.
  • Baby Soft® dry toilet tissue is also a hygiene helper – it’s absorbent, and suffice to say it does the job of a loo paper well.

Those are my hygiene boosters… what are yours?

Feature image: Alina Kholopova

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