How to budget better and save money for the fam

November 8, 2019

One of the most challenging tasks for moms is to budget and making sure there’s enough for day-to-day things, and everything unexpected too… like my son’s grade 5 school camp in Januworry (I thought it was in March).

Many families struggle to make ends meet before the next payday, which comes with its own set of challenges/issues. Here are small ways to make big differences. 

Use coupons and promo codes
You can save money without the boredom and hassle by using promo codes or discount coupons. These discount codes or vouchers can help you save money when shopping online or in physical stores. Just imagine the total savings you’ll get in a year, even with small discounts per week when you go shopping. That would amount to $260 to $500 a year, which could add up to your savings! 

Here are more tips when budgeting and saving money using promo codes:

  • Get the best and most up-to-date promo codes in coupon sites, like
  • Apply stack coupons or promo codes to single and high-value purchases. 
  • Apply promo codes to rare items and bulky purchases to maximize discounts and promotions. 
  • Take advantage of social media promo codes, most especially for holiday sales.

Eliminate services you don’t use

Maybe you’re subscribed to a music or TV service but you don’t use them. Or maybe you signed up to gym in January, but haven’t been since them. Cancel if you’re not using them, or downgrade your package if you want.

Participate in rewards programmes

Sign up for rewards programs and use your points to get savings or discounts.

Look over your bank statements carefully

Knowledge is power, and by seeing exactly where you’re spending on, you might know where to cut expenses. You might even find some things going off your account that you’re not really aware of.

Enjoy the outdoors

Family bonding doesn’t always mean spending money on expensive restaurants or out-of-the-country trips. Teach your children how to value life’s simplicity by dealing with nature and the arts. Be creative, so you and your family can get the most out of your precious bonding time. 

Here are some specific tips for enjoying bonding with your family without spending too much money:

  • Head to the beach: You don’t have to spend on new swimwear every time you plan to go to the beach. Use your old, reliable swimsuits and have fun under the sun on the white sand during summer. 
  • Have a backyard or pool picnic: Prepare your grill and cook your favorite barbecue food recipes at your backyard or pool area for the weekend. This could be a chance to bond with your spouse and children. That would mean saving hundreds of dollars dining outside.
  • Make creative outdoor artwork: Teach your children how to paint or how to do woodworking by setting up a creative work area in your patio or backyard. 
  • Enhance your child’s talents and skills: If your child shows interest in cooking or baking, you can be hands-on and teach them yourself. This would save you money that you would spend on cooking classes. Check out some tutorial videos on YouTube and use available kitchen recipes to enhance your child’s cooking skills.

Buy good-quality items

While buying quality items usually equates to higher prices, it’s worth investing in high-quality household appliances, bedding, kitchen utensils, and gadgets. It means more savings in the long run. You’ll save money on costly future repairs, parts replacement, or purchases of entirely new items to replace a malfunctioning appliance.  

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