The hottest baby name trends for 2020

November 11, 2019

I love seeing what’s new in baby names – I always get that mixture of cringe and delight by what people are naming their little ones.

According to Parade, these are the trends one can expect next year around the world.

Around the world

On the rise these days are location-based names such as Denver, Harlem and Memphis, and Austyn, Holland and Nola for girls.

There is also an increase of international names like Luca, Kai, Axel, and Mateo, and Scandivanian names such as Anders, Bjorn, Gunnar, Leif, Magnus, and Thor.

The letter K

Many of the fastest-growing names begin with a K, often when there might have been a “C” (a bit like the Kardashians, right?). Popular names include Kairo, Kylo, Karsyn, Kamdyn and Kashton.

Brand names

The likes of Dior, Arden, Kenzo, Bjorn and Ford are becoming more and more popular.

Inspiration names

“Empowering” names are becoming popular with girls – think Journi, Dream, Harmoni, Promise, Reign, Legacy and Queen.

Four-letter names

Some baby names are getting shorter. Popular short names include like Yara, Ezra, and Zora for girls, and for boys Bode, Zaid, Onyx, Krew, and Koda.

The ending “Lee”

Apparently, there’s the “finishing touch” trend of having the variation of “Lee” in baby names. These include Adalee, Haisley, Keily, Ensley, Berkley, Everlee and Everleigh, Brynleih, Rosalee, and Huxley.

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