Now THIS is a Black Friday… Game is offering one hundred million rand in savings

November 27, 2019


I’m always excited to pay less for more, and I’ve honestly been counting down the days until Black Friday. I’ve got makeup to buy, along with some small festive gifts, a decent hairdryer, cleaning products, and any other groceries that I usually get.

Then there are the “danger” areas – stationery, handbags, gym pants and jewellery. Stuff that I don’t necessarily need, but want. So I’ll be approaching Friday and this weekend with caution, and will be asking myself if I really need another pair of sneakers (sadly for my wallet, the answer is often yes!)

There is lots of Black Friday activity already, and sales have been launched already. Some are a hit, some are a miss, and some are unmissable, like Game, which is offering a cumulative R100 million in savings potentials.

Here’s what Game is offering at the moment:

  1. A Black Friday promo until Tuesday 3 December 2019. There are weekly specials on a range of products including furniture, foods, cellular, baby products, DIY tools and much more.
  2. A huge Black Friday sale, where 95 of their stores will open at 12am midnight on 29 November. On the day (29 November) there will be incredible deals. You can scout out the deals in their leaflet, which is available on their website. Here, you can plot what you’re going to buy, and how much you could be saving.
  3. Cyber Monday deals on 2 December. These are available online only.

Here’s some of what caught my eye – and heart – from the catalogue:

Buy one get one free! Awesome to stock up on for kids’ parties

Yes to an at-home printer! And no to asking the long-suffering husband to print the odd document at work

I’ve been wanting one of these for ages! Great “fried” food without the fat

Why stop at just one this summer? I would like one of these in every bedroom

We have a very large cooler box, but this smaller one would be great for shorter trips (I see there’s plenty space for sugar-free tonic water and ice to go with my gin)

My son would love one of these – great for taking outdoors too

This could be awesome for when our toddler starts riding a bike

This is a really great at-home exercise kit. Just find a video on YouTube or a fitness app, and get started!

I realise this might appear very boring, but I’m tired of dragging chairs from outside to get to high cupboards, or climbing on my toddler’s plastic chairs while praying I don’t fall and break it (and possibly an ankle too)

I know this might look dull too, but the thought of never having to sit on the ground at my son’s cricket match is a very good one. My husband can take this too when he comes to support me at running races! (He doesn’t know this yet, but he will)
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