The camera that gives you the most fun: the Instax Mini LiPlay

December 11, 2019

Not since buying my Hello Kitty instax Mini have I had so much fun taking pics, watching them print before my eyes, and sticking them on my fridge, a reminder of great times and smiles.

New’ish to the Fujifilm brand is the instax Mini LiPlay, a multitasking device that’s not only a camera, but a printer too. It connects via an app to smartphones, and you can then print any photo that’s stored on your phone.

Unlike other instax cameras, this one has an LCD screen so you can review your pic before printing, saving you fairly pricey film (a box of 10 sheets costs around R160). This for me is the feature that would encourage me to upgrade to the Mini LiPlay.

It’s a pretty and stylish-looking camera, and while I would never advocate buying a device on looks alone, it sure helps that this one is so gorgeous, and can easily fit in a handbag, or a jacket pocket. It comes in black, white and rose gold (swoon!). There’s internal storage that will hold about 45 photos, but you can expand it with a micro SD card if you want.

There are some fun things you can do with your pics. You can add one of six filters directly from the camera – there’s black & white, sepia, stylish, vivid, poster and fish-eye. You can also add different creative frames such as antlers and flowers, while 20 more are available from the instax mini LiPlay app.

There’s also a handy little mirror in the front for selfie taking.

The LiPlay also records audio, which might seem like a random thing for a camera to do, and it involves a little bit of “work” to send someone an image with audio. Here’s how it works: you take a picture, record up to 10 seconds of audio, and then print the image which will have a QR code. You then give the QR code to someone else, and they can scan the code and listen to your message.

In summary

We loved playing around with this, and created some fantastic pictures which I’m going to put on the fridge.

The immediate gratification of getting prints is a biggie, considering I’d unlikely get prints made (I usually get photo books made from my pics).

It’s a really fun addition to your life, but don’t expect the same quality pictures you’d get from another camera or smartphone. However, quality and megapixels really aren’t the point here – it’s the thrill and happiness of printing out some memories.

The mini LiPlay hybrid camera can be found in select retail stores and online for a recommended retail price of R2 499. The instax mini photo paper is available in packs of 10 or 20, and costs between R160 and R300 respectively.

PS: Look on the likes of Superbalist and Brand Hubb as they often have savings on photo paper – and cameras too.

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A video of the instax mini LiPlay can be found here.

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