Barbie takes diversity up another notch

January 30, 2020

Barbie has been making diverse dolls for a few years within their Fashionista line, and they’ve just announced some newbies. There’s a doll with no hair, a Barbie doll with vitiligo, a doll with a gold prosthetic limb, a Ken with long rooted hair and the first ever redhead Ken.

The Fashionista range, launched in 2015, includes more than 170 dolls. There are dolls with a variety of skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and textures, body types and fashions.  
o   Dolls reflecting permanent disabilities, including a doll with a prosthetic limb and doll with a wheelchair and ramp.
o   Updated Ken looks with a variety of skin tones, bodies, eye colours and hairstyles.
o   Mattel now offer Barbie dolls that come in 5 body types, 22 skin tones, 76 hair styles, 94 hair colours, and 13 eye colours. Ken dolls are available in 4 body types, 18 sculpts, 13 skin tones, 9 eye colours and 22 hair colours.

The new Fashionistas range is available from March 2020. The range is available at stores nationwide and availability will differ per retailer. The suggested retail price is R209.99.

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