Lovely Valentine’s Day ideas (beyond just red roses)

February 11, 2020


Whether you love or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is a’coming, and instead of seeing it as a “commercialised” day, I view it as a cool day to show some loving – whether it’s to my husband, kids, or amazing running group of women.

Cadbury asked me to round up some lovely ideas for the 14th. You might have seen their limited-edition Pop-Out Heart slabs, on shelves in time for the month of love. In Dream and Dairy Milk varieties, these slabs have a pop out heart, which you can give to a loved one, or keep for yourself (I admit to the latter most of the time).

Here are some gift/sentiment ideas for your partners, friends or kids:

  • Pop some Cadbury Pop Out Heart chocolates into a gift bag or box (hat boxes are a great idea, and they can be used after), and decorate with some fabric ribbon (these can be re-used too).
  • Deliver breakfast in bed to your loved one
  • Gift someone with an Uber Eats or SweepSouth voucher to save them some time cooking.
  • Make a scrapbook of your relationship – it could be an online version, or a physical one. Gather all your old photos and any mementoes, add a sentiment of love, and you have an awesome gift!
  • Make their lunchbox a special one – cut out hearts, write a cute note, and cut some sandwiches and fruit into heart shapes. Don’t forget to top off with a Cadbury heart!
  • Bake something delicious – your work team will love this too. I have a heart-shaped muffin tins which I often use for Valentine’s.
  • Recreate your first date.
  • Cook dinner together – put on your favourite music, have your favourite drink out, and make it a date night (try to get the kids to bed earlier, or get them to join in!)
  • Exchange beautiful love letters or poetry.
  • Have a movie night. Grab your favourite snack, turn off your phones, and watch a movie (it doesn’t have to be a romcom!)
  • Have some spa time together.
  • Do something sporty that’s good for the heart – a yoga class, Park Run (a day after Valentine’s) or a gym session is a great bonding exercise (literally!)
  • Host a games night – invite some other couples over, and bring out some of your favourite games. Don’t forget the snacks – and chocolate!
  • Go on a course together. This might not be a one-day event, but it could be a reminder to kickstart something together. Learning French, cooking, pottery or wine together could be great fun (and it’s often good to get away from the kids for a bit).
  • Instead of flowers, send a plant, or even better – spekboom! It’s easy to. grow, is water wise, and helps fight air pollution – it absorbs carbon from the atmosphere and turns it into plant matter.

Wishing you an awesome Valentine’s Day, and a year with much love.

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