Have a look at LEGO Dots, an awesome arts & crafts theme

March 9, 2020

LEGO has launched an incredible new product line, LEGO Dots, which are arts and crafts projects for kids. LEGO Dots feature 2D tile-based bracelets, picture holders, pencil pots and jewellery stand, which kids can build up, then either keep or redo.

“We’re extremely excited to introduce LEGO DOTS as a new arts and crafts building concept giving children a creative canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing patterns, colours and designs,” said Lena Dixen, senior vice president and head of product and marketing development at LEGO.

They’re suitable for kids six and up, and launched this month in the US. I’ve seen them on Takealot, starting from R100 for a bracelet set.

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