Awesome lockdown activities for the family (they really are awesome)

April 1, 2020

It’s so much fun to get the whole family involved in activities, but it’s not that easy to find ones that everyone will enjoy, or at least through without wishing for that last stroke of paint, or trying to read Twitter without being seen.

I saw some great inspiration via Junior Magazine for some fun family activities that will likely (and I emphasise “likely”) be fun for everyone.

Here are some ideas… please let me know if you have any others, and I can add them to this post, and credit you.

Play hide and seek

This is an ‘ol favourite – and for good reason! You can also pit parents against kids, and see who can find whom the fastest.

Benefits: Organisation skills, build confidence

DJ and disco 

Make a playlist that includes some of everyone’s best songs (that might mean Peppa Pig in my case), or if your child is old enough, ask them to put together their own playlist.

Make invitations and decorations, get dressed up, prep some party snacks, and party on!

Benefits: Music, creativity, craft, organisation skills

Put on a play (indoors or out)

This can include adults too if there aren’t enough kids. Give the kids a theme, or get them to make up their own. Encourage them to include dancing, singing and acting, and help with any costumes or props that are needed.

Make posters and tickets, and invite family and friends to watch the show via Zoom, Facebook Live or IGTV.

Benefits: Build confidence, acting skills, language, imagination, drama, storytelling

Treasure Hunt

This can be done inside or outside.

To begin, come up with a start point and an end point, and create as many clues as you can to get the kids from A to B. You can get them to do quick and easy chores for the next clue, sing and dance, or answer questions.

Try to have a surprise or toy at the end as a reward! (and no, a roll of toilet paper or hand sanitiser doesn’t count).

Benefits: Imagination, survival skills, creativity, storytelling

Do a night-time safari of your garden

If you have a garden, you can embark on a night adventure, with torches. Look for worms, birds and frogs, and look at the stars to see if you can identify anything (the Starwalk app is great for this).

Benefits: Imagination, survival skills, nighttime confidence, nature

Start a band

Even if you don’t have “real” instruments, there’s a lot you can do with what’s around you, and double score – your kids can make and decorate their own instruments (here’s a cool resource for instrument ideas).

Each person must choose an instrument to play, and then you can create and name your band. Practise a show, and once again, stream on Zoom or Facebook.

Benefits: Imagination, musical ability, creativity, craft

Set up shop and sell your goods

Ask your children to decide what shop they want – do they want to sell clothes, food or crafts? For younger kids, use Monopoly money or play money to barter and trade with them. For older children, you can use real coins if you’d like.

Benefits: Imagination, counting, maths, handling money, manners, customer service

Do a scavenger hunt

Make a list of items your child will need to collect. When they’ve collected all 10, you can give them a prize. They can also collect per number, for example 1: piece of string, 2: doll.

Benefits: Imagination, creativity, problem solving, counting

Bake a cake or cupcakes

Divide and conquer, and set up several baking stations such as measure, mix and pour. When it comes to decorating, there can be stations such icing-making station, icing, decorating, and presenting. Parents can also pretend they’re Masterchef judges, tasting the baked goods.

Benefits: Creativity, competition

Feature images: Shutterstock

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    I will try the baking but I don’t have too much space inside the house and I have adult child and he is not interested in me how can I make her talk to me she is 17 I asked her to do make up she told me she is doing school work, teenagers 😏

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