During lockdown, it’s okay to…

April 3, 2020

Okay, so we’re going through some weird/challenging/difficult/uncertain/scary times right now, and I think if there’s one thing we can do, aside from stay home, is to be as kind to ourselves as possible, even if it means throwing some of the “rules” into the trash.

In my opinion, in the time of lockdown, it’s okay to:

  • eat chocolate for breakfast (and lunch and dinner)
  • do workouts in your pyjamas and a sports bra
  • overlook the amount of time your child is spending online
  • watch all the trashy series
  • make gin o’clock earlier in the day than usual
  • cry
  • be sad for the things you’ve lost during this time
  • be sad for things you’ll be losing in the future
  • not do crafts with your younger kids every day
  • hand over the parenting duties to Netflix and Showmax
  • dress up even though you have nowhere to go
  • dress down because you have nowhere to go
  • wear daytime pyjamas, and nighttime pyjamas
  • fill your online shopping carts with things you want, but won’t get delivered until after lockdown
  • crave your favourite takeout food
  • ask for help
  • not look at social media at all because it’s making you feel worse
  • muting or unfollowing people on social media who are currently irritating you or not making you feel good
  • look forward to the grocery delivery because it’s the most exciting part of your day

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  • Bronwyn

    Love this – I can identify with so many!! Thank you for sharing…

    April 3, 2020 at 11:51 am Reply
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