What’s keeping me content and vaguely sane during lockdown

April 7, 2020


These lockdown days have been a mixed bag. I go from content and calm to anxious and irritated. I am healthy and eat mindfully one minute, and the next I’m eating condensed milk from the tin. I’m Zen mom helping to stick pompoms on cardboard or advise on Lego structures, and moments later I’m snapping at the kids and retreating to my room.

There’s a bit to juggle each day: stay safe, practise gratitude, do things that lead to happiness/contentment, carry on working well, look after the family, and acknowledge that there are times to feel scared, angry and anxious.

I’m starting to learn what keeps me fairly happy and functional, and from there I can be a tolerable mom and wife (I hope!).

My “survival”/stay sane list currently looks like this:

  • Exercise every day: I haven’t dared go through a day without exercise because I know how my mood is dependent on exercise. I miss running and my running group desperately, but I am enjoying doing exercise to workout videos and apps.
  • Shortcuts and easy cooking! We have groceries delivered about once a week, and it’s mostly the fresh stuff. We have the likes of frozen veggies and tinned foods, and I’m not shy to use them, along with good ‘ol Two Minute Noodles. I’m a vegetarian, and like to include protein with most meals. I eat things like cottage cheese and chickpeas and beans, but I’m never without Fry’s vegetarian options – I love the sausages, chickpea and quinoa falafels and chicken-style strips. We love stirfries, wraps and weekly braais, so these are perfect, and I never have to do much (just the way I like it).
  • Watching series: I’ve watched a mix of trash and terrific, and I’ve loved it all. I binge watched The Morning Show, and I’m now watching Queer Eye for the first time.
  • A G&T most evenings.
  • Muting people on social media who share posts that make me anxious – whether it’s fear-mongering articles, negative opinions etc. Just give me all the funny memes – I love reading and sharing those.
  • Daily Zoom calls with some of my colleagues at 9.30am – it’s great to talk work and see a great team
  • Baking (yup, we’ve made banana bread).
  • Doing something crafty every day with Rebecca.
  • Positive WhatsApp conversations with my running group – lots of meme sharing, running jokes and daily gratitude sharing.
  • Using the dishwasher regularly.
  • Working – I feel very lost and useless when I don’t have lots to do.

I imagine this list will evolve as lockdown continues. What’s on your list?

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