Woohoo – Uber Eats is now delivering the essentials

April 8, 2020

Good news for us, and good news for smaller suppliers – Uber Eats is now delivering the essentials. I love that we now have more delivery options and less waiting time, and I’m happy that smaller businesses can now operate.

Here’s what you need to know

Items available: Groceries, medicines (no scripts), frozen meals, fresh fruit juices, fruit and veg, ready-made healthy meals, toiletries, household goods and vitamins. 

Stores available: Uber Eats has partnered with a number of the major merchants in South Africa – it will depend on what area you’re in. For my suburb, we have two chemists, a butcher, a fruit and veg supplier, and a restaurant selling meal kits.

For dinner last night, we ordered some meal kits from our local Asian restaurant: Momo on Grant Avenue Norwood. My son was in charge of dinner and he made edamame beans, and chow mein noodle stir fry (they came with instructions too). The predicted delivery time was 25 minutes, but the food arrived in 15 minutes.

More outlets will be added regularly to the app, so keep checking in..

  • Contactless drop-off: The app has introduced contactless delivery feature at checkout, which now enables you to request that the order be left at the doorstep of your home to reduce interaction.
  • You can track your order: You can watch in real-time as your essential items are packed and picked up, and delivered to your home.
  • Delivery fee: There’s a flat fee of R25 to deliver essentials, with a R5 “small order” fee for orders below R50.
  • Delivery time and ETA: Hours will be limited to stores available and will work around standard operating hours of between 9 am to 5 pm. Delivery is within the hour however this might vary due to demand, you can check your app for estimates.
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