Uber Eats announces two cool things (you’ll love them!)

May 8, 2020

How’s this for a match made in heaven – Uber Eats and Exclusive Books! The two have partnered, and you can now get books delivered by Uber Eats.

Simply order your book on the Uber Eats platform – you will find Exclusive Books as one of the vendors along with restaurants close to you. Order your book as you normally would for food, and get it delivered within an hour. Exclusive to Exclusive Books, and available in all SA towns and cities, where there is an Exclusive Books, except Nelspruit.

There will be 120 books available on Uber Eats are sourced from the Exclusive Books Top Sellers, and cover top picks across adult fiction, local books, inspiration, business, cookery and children’s.

Exclusive Books says that they have launched this initiative with a global bestseller list, but as the app gets used and readers behaviour can be tracked, each store’s list will reflect readers’ tastes, so for example a store in a predominantly Afrikaans area will begin to add more Afrikaans titles to their menu. In time, each store’s ‘menu’ will become more customised to the readers in its area.

Fanatics will also be able to earn Fanatics points with their order by typing in their membership number when ordering.

Exclusive Books trading hours are generally Monday to Saturday: 9am – 5pm Sunday: 9am – 1pm.

But wait… there’s more!

This is clever – the Uber Eats app has a new function that allows customers to send treats or food to someone else, and share the status of a delivery with a simple tracking link (no more sending of screenshots or WhatsApps with info of the delivery).

The person on the other side of the order can watch as their order arrives, and be ready to accept it upon delivery.

PS: If anyone would like to send me anything from Lexi’s Eatery, I’ll gladly share my address!

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