Good timing: a new app that teaches mindfulness

May 20, 2020

We’re talking a lot about mental health these days, but there’s not a lot of focus on our kids’ wellbeing, aside from home schooling and that adjustment, and sometimes it’s easy to forget how everything is affecting them.

A new app, Well-Beings, allows kids to express how they’re feeling, and find things to do to help them with their emotions. Instead of ignoring their feelings, children can use this platform to recognise their emotions (hence the mindfulness), and share these with their parents for some support.

The app has more than 100 mood-boosting tasks, which include crafts and physical activities, as well as exercises that will help them to be more present in the moment.

At the end of every challenge, they will unlock a Well-Being! The more challenges that they complete, the larger their collection of Well-Beings will become. They can share their Well-Beings with family and friends.

The app is free on iOS and Android.

Image: Shutterstock

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