Beautiful reusable face masks for adults and kids I’ve come across

May 27, 2020

Could I have ever conceived that I’d be writing a post about lovely face masks? Heck to the no! But since face masks are a daily going-out essential, I thought I’d round up some lovely ones I’ve come across. I mean, if we have to go out with them all the time, why not get pretty ones?

I cannot personally or scientifically attest to whether they’ve been made according to guidelines, but all of them claim to do so.

PS: I haven’t included all the fabric styles with each brand – have a look at the websites to see all the designs.

Uzwelo Bags (for kids too)

What they say:

  • Antimicrobial and water-repellent finish
  • Sustainable – can be washed and reused (mask & filter)
  • Supply chain secure – 100% locally manufactured
  • 200gsm double-layered polyester
  • Elasticated bands for a comfortable fit
  • An internal pouch to include additional filters
  • 140gsm nonwoven polyester filter included with each mask
  • Additional filters can be purchased separately
  • Successfully tested through hospital autoclave machine

Good to know: You can order in bulk too. Masks cost R57,50 each. Toddler masks are coming soon! For every mask sold, R5 is donated to The Bateleurs.

Cape of Good Hope SPCA (for kids too)

These are special ones, as they support the SPCA.

What they say: Our triple-layered face masks are available in adult and kiddies sizes with your choice of cat or dog print.

Good to know: Available at their Grassy Park and Plumstead Vet Shops at R50 each. Alternatively, you can order via email or contact the marketing department at 021 700 4190/40 or

Anna-Louise Sleepwear (for kids too)

What they say: Triple layer spandex and polyester, curved and tapered masks with elasticated loops and middle filter layer, soft on the skin and comfortable to breathe in average to cooler conditions.

Good to know: Available in men, women, and children’s sizes, from R60. Embroidery is available for an extra R100.

Ruff Tung

What they say: Outer layer is sequins – 3 Layers of 100% Woven Cotton – 1 layer non woven SPUNBON medically approved, used especially as a filtration layer in hygiene/health care industries 

Each mask has a binding finish to ensure comfort, the binding string is extended to tie around the head, if you would prefer them around your ears, simply cut the string shorter and tie. 

Good to know: They cost R95 each.

Loincloth and Ashes

What they say: This is a 4 Ply, reusable mask, made from cotton blends and a built in filter. This protective mask is easy to wear and soft in texture.

Allows for breathing without restriction.

Good to know: From R49 each

Intrinsicurly Me

What they say: 3 Ply washable face masks. Available in Navy, Rose Gold and Pink.

Includes a filter Inside (a layer of non-woven polyester) as recommended by the government. Choose between 3 of the same colour or 1 of each colour.

Good to know: R240 for a set of three (While you’re there, have a look at their haircare range – my hair has never been in such good condition. You can also find out more about the Curly Girl Method here).

Keedo (for kids)

What they say: These masks are double-layered and feature elastic ear-loops with slight pleating on the sides. 

Good to know: They’re available in packs of three, and cost R179.


What they say:

  • 3 layers
  • outer layers: cooling tech fabric (87% polyester, 13% elastene)
  • filter layer: lightweight, tightly woven, sports interlock fabric (100% polyester)
  • adjustable elastic to create a custom fit for you own face
  • fasten elastic behind your ears or behind your head, or a combo
  • dries fast, is washable, and reusable, no ironing required
  • comfortable and soft against the skin, no chafing
  • covers chin, nose and cheeks 

Good go know: These are fantastic for running and any activity. They’re available in Cotton/Eco Hemp /Active. They cost R86 each.

Pistachio Designs

What they say:

  • 3 layers
  • Washable
  • Adjustable: mask ties around the head

Good to know: They cost R60 each.

Dr Pachanga (for kids too)

What they say:

  • Cotton fabric
  • Elastic for adjustable size and good fit.
  • R3 of each mask sold will go to the @feedsa_ that has been set up to assist the most vulnerable in South African society.

Good to know: The masks are available in 3 sizes: Kids 3 – 11, Medium: Teenagers and women, men or broad face. They cost from R79.26 each.


What they say: Run and cycle in comfort and style! Breathable with double layers, with velcro closure and an adjustable strap for a great fit, so it doesn’t slip down when you’re running or cycling!

Good to know: They cost R120 each.

Labels 4 School (for kids)

What they say: These custom face masks come in a snug fit style with breathable multi-layer fabrics in 3 different sizes (small, medium, large) suitable for all shapes and sizes.

Our masks are created as per the recommendations of the CDC with a multi-layer of high quality fabrics. We have chosen two layers of cotton with a flannel inner to complete a quality 3 ply mask. The elastics loops are tied so are easily adjustable to fit comfortably.

These Labels4School cloth masks are also the perfect addition to your phased back to school attire. We are providing you with school safe colours as well as blue and pink for the little ones.

Good to know: The masks cost R70 each, and kids can choose from tens of label designs for their names.

Kathrine Kidger Designs

Good to know: You can buy as singles, in packs of 3 and in packs of 5. They also sell mask filters. They cost from R55 each.

Oli + Frank (for kids)

What they say: Cute animal characters to make wearing masks less daunting for children. Each mask features a furry felt nose, with a hand embroidered mouth.

Elastic ear loops make it easier for children to put on and take off themselves. 

These masks are made to be breathable for children to assist wearing them.

Good to know: From R120 each. When you buy two, you save R20.


What they say: Reversible three layer mask with ties.

Good to know: These cost from R95 each.

Don’t forget:

  • Masks are intended for the prevention of the spread of disease rather than as a prevention against contraction of disease. All other protection measures against Covid 19 remain still essential.
  • Masks are also not recommended for kids younger than three.

Mask guidelines:

  • Wash your masks daily
  • Wash your hands before putting your mask on
  • Don’t touch your mask while in use
  • Wash your hands before and after removing your mask

Feature image: Uzwelo Bags

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