Add these to your Easter baskets

April 17, 2019


I don’t celebrate Easter, but I sure do celebrate chocolate and sweet Easter things, which is why I’ll be having a little hunt for the kids (I’m thinking of asking my husband to hide the eggs, while I grab a basket so I can find some eggs too).

Have you stocked up on your sugar stash for the weekend? What will be in your kids’ baskets? Sally Williams have an “eggcellent” range of goodies for the season. Their eggs have roasted nougat pieces into the chocolate, and they’re incredible (not that I need an excuse, but I’ve been doing some early carb-loading before Two Oceans marathon on Saturday with some of these delish fellas).

They’re available in milk and dark chocolate, and available in different sizes. You can also buy some of their gift hampers online here – there’s still time to get some.

Aside from Easter egg hunts, there’s some more you could be doing with your chocs and sweets over the holiday, and after. Here are some ideas:

  • Use a beautiful egg as part of your table setting for one of your Easter meals. I also love putting a piece of nougat on side plates when I have people over (I’ll also pop a piece into my son’s lunchbox on fabulous Fridays when the school allows for a sweet treat).
  • You can add crushed Easter eggs onto cakes, muffins or brownies. If you don’t feel like baking from scratch, you can use a premix.
  • Break pieces of nougat and mix into softened ice cream, before placing back in the freezer. You could also add swirls of melted Easter egg chocolate.
  • Have a family fondue using melted chocolate. Dip in pieces of biscuit, nougat or fruit.
  • Make some “real” hot chocolate using some melted chocolate and warm milk. Decorate with an Easter egg, and enjoy it slightly melted.
  • I love putting chocolate, including Easter eggs, in the freezer, to enjoy slowly.
  • Make some Rice Krispie cookies – break up and melt your eggs, mix them with Rice Crispies, and put them into cupcake cases.

Happy Easter everyone!

Cover image via Sally Williams Fine Food

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  • Cath

    Looks like absolute chocolates decadence!! Will definitely give these a try.

    April 17, 2019 at 12:57 pm Reply
  • Leeann Pillay

    Good luck for the 2 oceans. I run 5kms 4 times a week with my beautiful labby, you are very brave to run it.

    I try a low carb and no sugar diet but give myself cheat days, Easter Sunday being one. I love Sally Williams and haven’t seen the Easter range. Will definitely try it look yum.

    April 17, 2019 at 5:14 pm Reply
    • Tanya

      Thank you so much! HOpe you had a wonderful Easter!

      April 22, 2019 at 9:14 am Reply

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