Amazing uCook boxes this month from female chefs

August 8, 2019

Last week I was at a uCook event, where we teamed up to cook from boxes, with recipes from Lexi Monzeglio from Lexi’s Healthy Eatery (perhaps my best restaurant at the moment), celebrity chef Lorna Maseko and renowned chef, food writer and TV show host, Sarah Graham.

The event was to kick off the Women’s Month campaign, with each week being dedicated to one of these chefs, who each compiled the recipes for that week.

So, for example, week two of the campaign has Sarah Graham’s recipes which include “Nourishing trout”, and herb-crusted lamb and mushroom bowl.

Week three sees Lorna’s dishes which include the likes of Mediterranean lamb roast with roast cabbage and yoghurt caper dressing, and citrus chicken, and Capri pasta.

As a vegetarian, my favourite week is the final week from Lexi, who has incredible dishes such as black rice risotto, trout & quinoa, and cauli & bean tacos. At the uCook event, we made the risotto, and it was amazing – it’s something I would cook at home, and at the restaurant.

But there’s more… each time someone features an incredible woman in their life on Facebook or Instagram this month, using #UCOOKGIVESBACK, R20 will be donated to the Boitumelong Early Learning Centre.

The final week of the campaign is dedicated to Lexi Monzeglio who has just celebrated the opening of her third eatery in Johannesburg.  As a self-taught chef she believes that food should be interesting, delicious and beautiful, whether it’s vegan, gluten free or just healthy. Lexi’s meals include delights like Black Rice Risotto, Trout & Quinoa and Cauli & Bean Tacos.

The UCOOK Women’s Month campaign will run from 31 July to 28th August. Order your box on

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