An American army dad makes the coolest entrance

May 24, 2013

Ten points for style, this dad is super cool. Last week Nine-year-old Alayna Adams threw out the first pitch at Tampa Bay Rays-Boston Red Sox game. The ruse was that she’d been given the honour based on the fact that her dad, Lt Col. Will Adams had spent the last two years overseas.

Before Alayna threw her pitch, a message from Dad played on the video board, saying he’d see her soon. Indeed he would.

In a carefully pieced together ruse her dad actually ended up being the catcher she pitched the ball to. When he caught the ball and flipped up the catcher’s mask, Alayna looked at him for a second, realised what’s going on, ran full speed toward him and launched herself into his arms.

Dana Adams, Will’s wife and Alayna’s mom, didn’t know about the surprise either. Soon, she joined them in tears.

“I thought it was a dream,” Alayna said a few innings later, when the family was interviewed on TV.

“I had no idea,” Dana added.

Coolest dad ever.

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