Another request for the Rattle and Mum readers – please help this crazy mom out!

April 24, 2013

I know I am always asking you for things – whether it’s your tips, or how I should disclose things on the blog, or what I should give away. In the past, I’ve also asked you to donate to certain charities.

I am sorry to use this platform again, but once again I’m running Comrades Marathon and hoping to raise funds for Starfish, an organisation that helps tens of thousands of HIV-Aids affected kids with feeding, clothing, schooling and uplifting.

The smallest amount will help, and you don’t need to go through complicated sign up or EFT procedures to donate. All you do is go the Starfish page on Facebook, and follow the Starfish Greathearts and donation leads. Last year I raised more than R20 000, and I’d really love to come close, or beat that.

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 3.31.46 PM

As gratitude to those who sponsor me, I will not only publicly thank you for your kindness, but I will also give away some Woolworths vouchers to three sponsors who I will draw randomly. I will give away 1xR500 voucher, and 2xR250 vouchers from my own pocket to say thanks, and to encourage you.

Thank you in advance, and sorry again for all my requests.

For info on how the Facebook campaign works, check out this short YouTube clip:

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