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April 4, 2018

I’ve bought a couple of really gorgeous items from small suppliers for my toddler over the last few months after seeing some super-cute photos on social media.

And then I’ve put my baby in them, only to find things like a drawstring (aren’t these things dangerous for infants?) that has fallen out the first time of wearing, or Lycra fabric that doesn’t seem comfy or “breathable” for an infant.

This post really isn’t to slate small, at-home or independent suppliers, but rather it’s a reminder to me/you that safety and comfort should maybe come before cuteness and Instagram pics that get all the likes. It’s not to say that you have to forgo the adorable clothing, but perhaps it’s worth getting a good mix of the two so that you can tick both the cute and safety boxes, which is something that Keedo gets right, delivering on quality, safety and the gorgeous factor.

So what are the things you should stay away from and look for? Keedo kids’ clothing has these guidelines for safer infant clothing:

  • Avoid anything with cords or drawstrings
  • Avoid zips, which could catch an infant’s skin
  • Look for clothing with press studs or alternatively, make sure that buttons and other embellishments are firmly attached
  • Check the seams for any bulges or sharp edges as these might cause discomfort
  • Ensure there are no dangling threads or loops in pockets or socks, which could “catch” finger and toes
  • Infant clothes should be strong and “breathable”. Polyester cotton blends are recommended, and they’re unlikely to cause reactions in babies with sensitive skin
  • Ensure that the elastics on pants aren’t too tight, and there’s enough stretch so that babies aren’t uncomfortable, especially when they grow
  • Avoid scratchy materials that could irritate your baby. Feel the clothes before you buy, bearing in mind that a baby’s skin is more sensitive


PS: Keedo’s credo is “where love and care are born”, and they say that staff infuse their love for the brand into each garment, resulting in beautiful designs that are more than just clothes.

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