Don’t feel like cooking this December but still want your favourite foods? Uber Eats has you covered

December 22, 2020

What I wouldn’t give right now for some mielie pap and chakalaka, braaied mielies and malva pudding with custard…. In fact, I’ll take anything vegetarian that’s been cooked on a braai too, but alas, I’ll have to settle for something that reminds me of South Africa this festive season as I’m far from home, though my heart is close.

While December is often a time for well-deserved rest and relaxation, we mamas have our kids to look after and entertain. With Uber Eats, more than just the food hassle is off your plate! Using the app, you’re able to order all of your kids favourite meals to accompany the 10th rerun of Frozen that week.

If ever there was a time to support local restaurants it would be now, plus there’s something for all kinds of eaters so you can support more than one restaurant in one order (back in Joburg I used to often order smoothies and veggie burgers from Lexi’s Eatery, while my husband would order from Rocomamas or our local Indian restaurant, Shahi Khana).

If you really just want your kids to ‘let it go’, Uber Eats in South Africa has partnered with a variety of retailers to provide a complete lifestyle solution to help make these holidays as easy and convenient as possible.

You’re able to order yourself your by-the-pool must-read from Exclusive Books while getting your kids some fun activities from an accompanying Game retailer, all available via the app and delivered to your door in under 30 minutes without any contact!

If you’re new to Uber Eats, here’s what you can expect:

Uber Eats features

  1. Schedule orders: ​You can schedule an order anytime – up to an hour before the desired delivery window–and as far as a week out.
  2. Customise the drop-off​: Whether you’re at home, at the office or even relaxing with your family at the park, you can enter even more specific instructions and request to “meet your food at the curb,” or have your food “delivered to the door.
  3. Track your order​– watch in real-time as your food is prepared, picked up, and delivered to you.
  4. Order Eats when you ride:​When you are taking a ride with Uber, you can also open the Uber Eats app to request a meal that will arrive at the same time you do.
  5. Personalised recommendations​: When you open Uber Eats you should be able to find what you want with ease. We are using machine learning to help surface recommendations like your go-tos, less than 30-minute delivery options, and popular options near you based on past orders and details like time of day and delivery location.
  6. Filter for the right food: Exploring should be just as easy. That is why you can also lookup restaurants according to specific criteria like speed, price, and dietary constraints. Want to see all gluten-free options available within 30 minutes? No problem. Dish information and average prep times help us share the right dishes that will come at the right time.
  7. Discover the best of your city: ​Just like the five-star rating system you know and love in the Uber app, with Uber Eats you can see what others have rated a restaurant right in the app.
  8. In-app chat: The in-app chat feature is about improving the ability to multitask with daily activities, enabling you to effectively switch between tabs without losing access to Uber Eats.
  9. Pick-up: ​Users have a quick and convenient way to access food on-the-go. Whether that’s grabbing a coffee on the way to work or skipping the queue during the lunchtime rush they can opt to pick-up their order at the restaurant

Specific (enhanced) safety features due to COVID-19:

Contactless delivery: All orders can be contactless and you can request deliveries be left on your doorsteps.

Mask verification​: All Uber Eats couriers will be required to wear a mask or face covering when taking a trip. As part of a new in-app safety checklist, before couriers go online they will be asked to take a selfie to verify they are wearing a mask or face covering using new object recognition technology. Any courier who is not wearing a mask or other face-covering
will not be able to go online. Restaurants will also be able to provide
health and safety feedback related to the pickup experience.

Restaurants will also be able to provide health and safety feedback related to the pickup experience.

Since my family and I aren’t home for the holidays this festive season, we’re trying to recreate some local meals over here. Our local supermarket does at least stock Nando’s peri-peri, and with the app’s Share Your Delivery, I’m still able to spoil my loved ones back home with their favs from Moes or Kauai! Here’s wishing you and yours a safe and merry festive break!

This post was written in collaboration with Uber Eats.

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