Have you heard of Fitkicks? You *need* to know about them

October 18, 2019

A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook if women wear stylish or pretty pyjamas to bed in winter, or if they wear, like me, plain fleece warm PJs that are warm but unflattering but go well with that thick fleece robe and fluffy slippers.

Anyway, someone replied (thanks Philippa), and pointed me in the direction of Hello Mello PJs, available on the site BELE Fit. So off I went to the site to check out their comfy AND pretty range, and saw that they also stock fabulous stocks, and the things I’ve been needing for ages: Fitkicks.

These are some of the Hello Mello PJs available on the site

There are Fitkicks for adults and kids, and I first spotted them at a rebounding class – Lisa Raleigh was wearing them. I slipped around that whole class, on the floor and on the rebounder, in my socks and barefoot as I didn’t really have enough “grip”. Which is where Fitkicks come in… they’re not a shoe, they’re not a sock, but they’re a brilliant in between – a light shoe with what’s called Fit Flex sole technology. The soft stretchy upper is form-fitting and comfortable and has a protective toe guard to prevent excess wear points, and an elastic strap for grip and fashion.

While they’re amazing for exercise classes (I’m not doing Pilates in them), I think I’d get great use from them on the beach, for example, or by rock pools when a bit of grip is needed, for I have no coordination, and I’m not at all sure-footed on uneven surfaces.

I also think they’d come in handy (or is that footy?) for the kids over the holidays too – for boat rides, river swims and beach walks. They don’t slip off, and they obviously have more grip than being barefoot or in slip slops.

There are some gorgeous styles to choose from, and while you’re at BELE Fit, have a look at their fab sock range, and their new crossbody cellphone covers.

These Fitkicks and PJs are by far among my most favourite finds this year… You can shop for everything on the site – Fitkicks start from around R549.

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