How to survive Mondays (good to remember for 2020 too)

December 23, 2019

There’s a reason it’s called a blue Monday. It’s that day of adjustment, getting back to “reality”, and leaving a weekend with friends/family “behind”.

I often miss my kids and husband the most on a Monday, after quality time with them, and really have to motivate myself for a new week of hustle.

There’s a theory that the best way to leap into a Monday is to make a plan for your weekend that involves something fun on a Sunday, so that it ends off positively, and not with the Sunday blues (cue Carte Blanche music).

I find that happy Sunday evenings and nights = more positive Mondays. I like movie nights, or getting takeaways, or a pamper evening once the kids are asleep (usually way after 8pm – eek!). Sometimes I also enjoy going out for an early dinner too to extend the weekend.

Prepare for Monday morning the night before

Another thing that works for me is to prepare for Monday the night before to make it as “easy” a Monday morning as possible. Lay out your outfit, get the kids’ clothes and lunches ready, and write out a task list for the week so that you feel organised and on top of everything.

Another thing I try to plan for is doing something nice on a Monday to kick off my week – whether it’s wearing a lovely lipstick or fragrance I haven’t worn in a while, stopping for a latte on the way to work, or wearing a pair of heels to make me feel more confident (even if I’m a bit wonky on them).

Look at Mondays from a different perspective

Try to look at Monday from a different perspective.

It could be an opportunity to reach personal or work goals, do some exercise, buy something lovely, and have fun with friends or family. There might be something wonderful in store for you in the new week – sometimes opening yourself up to the opportunity makes it happen (yes, I know this sounds a bit like The Secret and a bit esoteric, but there is some truth in it).

Here’s to continuing to banish the Monday blues in 2020!

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