An interview with a muppet for World Health Day (I kid you not)

April 2, 2014

It’s World Health Day on Friday (the 7th), and while I think World Days have a purpose, what about the other 364 days? Which is why I like the route that Takalani Sesame has taken – they’ve been promoting health and offering tips and challenges this week. They have focused on emotional wellness, safety, nutrition, hygiene, exercise and sports, play and games and making healthier lifestyle choices at a young age.

And since Takalani Sesame is involved, and since I’m not strictly a press release kinda gal, I chatted to one of the muppets, Neno, to find out more. He’s one of my best characters – have a read and you’ll see why.

PS: Neno answers in character here – as a kid. 

PPS: This could be really cool to share with your kids


Q: How can we get involved with World Health Day?

A: Simple. You just have to promise to be a little healthier. It’s really easy! Neno is going to make sure that Neno gets plenty of playtime outside, but also lots of rest every night too.

Q: What should cool kids like you be eating to stay healthy and prevent germs?

A: Neno thinks it’s important for kids to try all sorts of different foods. Neno’s favourite fruit right now is mango. But before Neno eats, Neno makes sure his hands are nice and clean by washing them with water and soap.

Q: What is your favourite healthy food?

A: Neno loves wasabi. That’s why Neno has no eyelids. He he ha ha. Neno loves avocado too. Most green healthy foods are delicious!

Q: How many glasses of water a day should I drink? How many should my son, who is four, drink?

A: Neno watches grownups drink about 8 glasses of water every day, but since Neno is only 3 ½ years old, Neno’s Mommy says around 4-6 glasses per day is the right amount for little monsters.

Q: What do you tell children who don’t want to eat their fruit and veg?

A: Zuzu told Neno the other day that she doesn’t like fruits; Neno thought that was crazy. But after talking, Neno found out that Zuzu really just doesn’t like apples or pears, but loves peaches and pineapples. Neno thinks you just need to try all the fruits and vegetables to figure out which ones are your favourite.

Q: What do you do to stay healthy?

A: Neno does pilates. 

Q: A lot of children like to watch TV and play games. What are good ways to get them exercising or moving?

A: Neno thinks there is nothing better than playing outside on Takalani Sesame. One of Neno’s favourite games to play together with his friends is the train game. We move a lot and it’s super fun to pretend to be other things.

Q: How do you stay safe when you ride your bike?

A: Neno always makes sure to wear Neno’s helmet and only rides when Neno’s Mommy or Daddy are watching. The helmet makes Neno’s hair look a little funny when Neno takes it off, but my helmet keeps me safe. I love my helmet.

Want to get you and your kids involved?

The campaign page on Facebook has a “Healthmeter” colour graded from 0 – 100. By participating in the campaign you can help move the needle from zero to 100 showing that South Africans are 100% behind living a healthy lifestyle.

You can move the needle to the next colour and showing your commitment by simply clicking on the tabs that represent the 7 ways to a healthy lifestyle, namely: emotional wellness; safety; nutrition (food and drink); hygiene; exercise and sports; play and games; as well as making healthier lifestyle choices.

You can also send a message or post photos or videos of you and your friends being healthy.

You can use any of these platforms:

Facebook: (to like, pledge, comment, post a video, or send a picture)

Twitter: @lovetakalani  or #takalanisesamehealth

SMS: 39905




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