Pregnant moms rejoice – there’s a stunning new range of maternity clothes on the block

March 16, 2016

When I was pregnant, finding a lot of stunning maternity clothes was as difficult as finding something to ease my morning (or rather, all-day) sickness. There were some goodies (like Marion & Lindie, which has since closed), but there were a lot that were drab, cutesy or bad quality. 

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I'm really excited that there's something new to choose from – Mum & Baby Affair, who have just launched their online store. It's not only a pretty range of clothes, but a clever one too, in that the clothes have been designed for pregnancy and feeding after birth. Now I'm not talking about the maternity pants that you wear months after delivery because they're so darn comfortable, but rather, the dresses and tops are made to facilitate breastfeeding. Instead of tugging, lifting and hassling, the tops and dresses are either easy to slip off, or have discreet zips, buttons and straps that can easily be opened/released for feeding.

While I can see how this is a big feature, I'm way more drawn to the fabrics and designs that make moms feel pretty, and have a way of fitting preggy bellies, and postpartum bodies, whithout looking frumpy.

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Mum & Baby Affair was started by Jolene Roelofse, who shared most of our "I can't find decent maternity clothes" frustration when she was pregnant with her son Zain, who's now one. She says she battled to find any fashionable and well-fitting clothing. "I wanted colourful, practical and feminine, but all I could find was dull, dark and ill-fitting garments," says Jolene. "I needed clothing that doubled up for pregnancy and breastfeeding, but struggled to find that."

Good news for us is that Jolene started this business, worked with two designers, and the result is a gorgeous range. You can expect to pay R350 for the blouse, R650 for the panel and wrap dresses, and R850 for a maxi dress. The evening dress, my absolute favourite, is R1 300.

The range isn't massive, but it's gorgeous, and on the site you can also buy Belle Lait lingerie, a stunning selection of feeding underwear. It's the first feeding range of bras I've ever seen that looks sexy, and it feels weird writing this, but it's the truth.

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