Must-see: Sarah Jessica Parker’s gender-neutral clothing collection with Gap Kids

March 1, 2018

Sarah Jessica Parker has teamed up with Gap to design a gender-neutral line of clothing and accessories for kids between five and 14. And even though we’re unlikely to see this limited-edition range in the flesh (unless you have good friends overseas who are willing to buy for you), we’re still allowed to swoon.



Aside from being gender neutral, the clothes don’t conform to any trends, and piece in the collection features illustrated references, stemming from Parker’s family tradition of saying ‘rabbit, rabbit’ on the first of every month for good luck.

Each item also includes a “property of” sewn-in tag to detail each wearer throughout the years, which is a  ritual from Parker’s own childhood.

The collection debuts debuts today, and prices range from $17 to $78.

Have a look – it’s pretty drool-worthy…

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