New at Keedo: prepare to go “aaaah cute” and “aaaah gorgeous”

October 19, 2017

It's awesome to support local brands, and one of my favourite is Keedo for its quality clothing, in styles that are authentic, cute, pretty and charming. 

Keedo's new payoff line is "Where love and care are born", which means their clothing is made with attention to detail, and lovingly made to inspire respect for nature.  

A few months ago, I was looking for a dress for my baby for her baby-naming ceremony, and after unsuccesfully looking (everything was either too expensive, too tacky, not good quality, and not both pretty AND cute) I went to Keedo as a last'ish resort. We found a beautiful tutu dress and pants, and since then, Keedo has become my go-to place for pretty party and occasion outfits, as well as more standout daily clothes.

Keedo, 24 years old this month, has  new summer ranges in store – Wild Ocean for boys, and Unique and Fantasy for girls. There are gorgeous tutus for girls, pastel colours and "easy" brights, and pieces either tick the box of cute, charming or timeless.

I love that some of their clothing includes items to inspire kids to love nature and look after the environment, which is something they've been doing for ages (I remember even my son's baby and toddler clothes eight years ago shared this theme).

There are 36 standalone stores in South Africa, and you can also shop online. Like what you see below? Then you'll want the R500 shopping voucher I'm giving away next week – check in for details then!




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