On finding the perfect pair of jeans

September 27, 2013

A few weeks ago I featured some jeans tips from stylist Pippa Leenstra here, plus a giveaway of a jeans consultation with this gorgeous mom (who is expecting her second too).

So yesterday we headed to Sandton City with the winner of the consult, Victoire Olwagen, to find our perfect matches. Victoire and I were a bit nervous about what to expect (and we were a bit scared of being judged).

We told Pippa that we both wanted something flattering, but that didn’t make us look like we were squeezed into something that didn’t suit us. I also told Pippa that I am self conscious about my hips and thighs, but felt that larger jeans (including wide-legged jeans and bootlegs) made me look and feel even bigger.

So off we headed to Diesel, which is Pippa’s first choice for jeans – a) Because the jeans come in lots of styles and colours and b) Because of a legend Uzaine who works there, and who literally sized us up and knew what we needed, and what would suit us.

Pippa is a fan of high-waisted and fitted jeans for our body shape, which is what we tried first and ended up buying. I think we were surprised that not only did we fit into “skinny” jeans, but that we didn’t look like terrible.

Pippa gave us some great tips (many of which can be found on her blog post and my favourite from her was: “Don’t be afraid to jump into jeans to fit into them”.

We had a lot of fun choosing, and escaping our comfort zones, and if anything, it was a reminder that we are our own worst critics when it comes to our bodies. And that maybe, less (of jeans) is actually more.

Here are some pics that Pippa took of us trying on our jeans:

IMG_8843 IMG_8842 IMG_8840 IMG_8839 IMG_8838


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