Show me the party – Alex’s 3rd “Cars” birthday

March 27, 2012

Cars is a favourite kids’ party theme, and I love how Denita Lawrence has interpreted the theme for her son Alex’s third birthday party, and i’m even more impressed that she did all the catering, party packs and cake herself. You can see more from Denita at her blog, And Baby Makes Six. Denita explains:”Alex is a huge “Cars” fan … at the time of the party, and a few months before, we must have watched that movie a thousand times! It was the first movie he had ever watched, and it was love at first sight. Can’t say I blame him… those cars are pretty cute and quirky!

He had only started playschool a few weeks before his third birthday, so we did not have a huge invite list, just family, friends from his playgroup, and some of my friends with kids the same age that are Alex’s friends. (about 15 kids in total) Hence the decision to do the party at home. We bought him the trampoline for his birthday, and had quite a challenge setting it up on the morning of the party (Those springs are pretty tricky!) We sent Alex off to granny for the morning, so that we could get the house ready for his party.  He was so impressed when he arrived back home and saw balloons on the gate! His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw his “lightning McQueen” cake … he was so excited, that when each guest arrived, he promptly took them to see it. Everyone, even the girls, but especially the boys, just loved the cake! He still talks about his “Lightning McQueen” Party, which really makes me smile, as it was obviously a huge hit. He keeps on telling me, that this year, when he is four, he’s going to have a spiderman cake … heaven help me!”  
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