Soar! – a great guidebook for teenage girls

February 26, 2020

When I was a teen, I’m sure I would have benefitted from some self-help literature, that just “got me”. In my tweens, I had the writer Judy Blume making every adolescent feel normal and less alone, but there wasn’t much for my teenage heart to tap into (aside from angsty song lyrics).

Nowadays, there’s more to access through the tumultuous teens, like the new book Soar! a new guidebook for teenage girls that was written to instil them with confidence and resilience.

In a world of increased comparisons, competition and challenges, the more guidance our young women can get, the better, and Soar! by Despina Senatore, a mom of three, fits this need superbly.

Aside from building confidence, the book also has tools for girls to make informed decisions about their futures. It features 50 various careers, with interviews with women who are in those careers, and how they got there.

There are links and guidelines on tertiary education, practical advice to prepare girls for the “real world”, and tips for developing potential. There are also some lovely “self-help” tips, and life advice.

This book is a good tool for teens, which I’d recommend for their parents too, in order to help support their daughters further.

The book costs R150 from Purposeful Woman. A teen boys’ version will be out later this year.

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