The staple in my makeup bag: mascara

November 4, 2019

For many moms, makeup is sometimes the last thing on our minds. And who could blame us? We have parenting, work and the house to look after, and makeup routines fall to the bottom of the pile.

However, there are ways to feel better without spending 20 minutes on an elaborate beauty routine that you might see the beauty vloggers doing on YouTube.

Sometimes, even something as simple as putting on mascara can have a big impact on the way you look and, consequently, the way you feel. As the old adage goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, so even without blow-drying your hair or putting on things like foundation or powder or blush-ons, a simple application of mascara to your lashes can already complete your look.

For this reason, mascara has remained a staple in the beauty routines of most women—even busy moms. Here’s why:

It’s one of the easiest makeup products to use

Moms don’t have the luxury of time. More often than not, they will start their days preparing meals for the family and end their day tucking their kids to sleep. This still doesn’t include the errands they have to accomplish in and outside of their homes. But regardless of how preoccupied moms are, they can still look good with the limited time they have.

Mascara is one of the easiest makeup products to use, making it apt for busy moms. Mascara doesn’t require any skill or practice. Just whip out the wand and curl it through your lashes. In as easy as 1-2-3, it’s as if you’ve given your eyes a brand-new makeover. You don’t even have to master it at all. In a blink of an eye—literally—you’ve successfully added volume to your eyes and given your face a brand-new look.

It can be used for your eyebrows too

Gone are the days when mascara was limited to just the traditional black. Today, you’ll also find it in many other colours, including subdued and natural shades of brown, as well as a clear mascara. With these different colours, you can use your mascara for a purpose other than to make your lashes more luscious — taming or brushing your eyebrows.

A clear mascara’s wand can be used to brush or comb your brows together in place. This is the perfect hack for moms who have thick and bushy brows. But aside from putting your brows in place, mascara can be used to create different looks for your brows.

To make your brows appear more realistic and natural, brush them using your mascara in a flicking motion. Doing this allows you to create tiny-looking hairs in your brows. With mascara, you can play around with your brows like a pro!

With one beauty product, you can fix both your lashes and eyebrows. If you’re a mom on a budget, this can help you achieve polished and different looks without digging deep through your pocket.

It goes well with any makeup look

Another reason why the mascara has stood the test of time in the beauty industry is that it’s the perfect touch-up to any makeup style. Even the simplest or the most elaborate makeup won’t look complete without an application of mascara. In makeup, it’s the icing on top of the cake—and a versatile one at that.

Often, wearing mascara exudes subtle elegance and sophistication, so even without makeup, you can be ready for that PTA meeting or that surprise anniversary date with your husband.

It’s affordable

Mascara comes in a wide variety of options, allowing you to buy one that meets your budget.

Just because it’s affordable, though, doesn’t mean that the quality is inferior. In fact, numerous drugstore mascaras consistently make it on the list of the best mascaras to purchase. It delivers the job it’s supposed to do.

Practise hygiene

Most mascaras have a sell-by date, or general industry rules. It’s usually two years, but once opened, try use your mascara within six months to avoid bacteria buildup and eye infections.

If you have an eye, rather avoid using mascara until it’s cleared.

Some of my favourite mascaras

I’m always trying new mascaras, and while I have my favourites, I’m always keen to try new ones.

These are among my favourites:

  • MAC Instacurl
  • Urban Decay Perversion
  • Maybelline Colossal
  • Maybelline Falsies
  • L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes

What are your faves?

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