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May 8, 2012

It feels like there’s no way around stress – everyone I know has it in some form, and motherhood is pretty much synonymous with stress (which some experts say is actually fear).

I don’t think stress can be eradicated – I guess it can be “managed” or tempered, and I quite like these tips from Baby-Soft, who have partnered with Radox (think stress-relieving bubble baths). Each packet of Baby-Soft toilet paper has a discount voucher for a bottle of Radox foam bath, entitling you to R5, R11 or R19 off with your next purchase.

Here are some great stress-management tips, courtesy Baby-Soft.

  • Write down your worries or fears on one page. On another page form positive statements, based on your fear. For example:

Fear statement: I am worried about not having enough time to finish all my work

Turn-around-statement: I choose to see myself completing this task easily, quickly and in good time.

Keep a picture in your mind of yourself fulfilling your turn-around-statement.

Keep on repeating your turn-around-statement. Write it on a card and carry it around with you so that you can look at it during the day and have it as a constant reminder.


If you had a particularly difficult day, write down the details of what happened for 3 min, then tear up the paper and throw it away.

  • When you come home, place your work bag or briefcase in a specific spot and only go to it again the next morning
  • Reduce clutter by taking 5 – 10 minutes before going to bed and tidying up any mess or clothes dropped on the floor
  • Make your ride home enjoyable and even valuable by listening to an audio book or lecture on your favourite subject
  • Establish a ritual that is a daily action which marks the “official” start of your evening (such as sitting around the kitchen table, or putting on your favourite, comfortable item of clothing)
  • Start physical exercise such as jogging, gym, yoga
  • Have a fun night out with friends
  • Unwind in a delightful relaxing bath

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